Waldo may be a small town without a true village center, but scattered here and there are some great businesses. Weaver’s Roadside Variety, for example, offers a host of homemade foods as well as a selection of dry goods.

What would Saturday night be were it not for Weaver’s baked beans, coleslaw and biscuits?

And then we have Kirby’s Lobster Shack, a place I frequent as much as possible. Bill and Lori Kirby always have lots of fresh lobsters on hand, plus crabmeat and clams. And their prices are more than reasonable, far below some better-known seafood outlets. Besides that, these are friendly people, a joy to visit.

Many of us get our oil and propane from the former Thompson’s Oil, now Downeast Energy.

Besides that, we even boast auto repair shops. So while small and decentralized, Waldo has most everything we need.

Fiscal rebate?

Here’s an interesting thought. Since schools shut down this spring, school buses haven’t run and team sports have been sidelined. Other costly programs were put on hold, too. The problem is, taxpayers have already paid for these things.

Of course teachers and administrators continue to draw their pay. But the remainder of things we have paid for accounts for a significant chunk of money. This begs the question of, should we get a rebate for these paid-for services that were not rendered? I think so, but that is just my opinion. What do you think?

In the garden

Everything, it seems, is coming ripe now. Cucumbers and summer squash abound and tomatoes are beginning to ripen. Chard, herbs, greens and lots more add to our list of homegrown foods. July is a good time to have a garden here in Waldo, Maine.

Perchin’ prediction

A busy work schedule, plus motor trouble, now resolved, have combined to keep me off the water as of late. I’m “down a quart” on fishing and of course, there is only one way to resolve it. The first open day, I plan to spend on the water in my boat.

The bay is full of striped bass, most of them slightly below the artificially imposed minimum length limit. And oddly, mackerel are scarce. That’s a shame, because mackerel have no minimum length and no bag limit. Atlantic mackerel are considered an underutilized species, so anglers need not feel guilty over keeping a cooler full. But wouldn’t you know it, the one saltwater fish we can freely take are as scarce as hen’s teeth.

House for sale

My house is on the market and I hope to sell this summer. I am now pastor of the Frankfort Congregational Church and need to live closer to the church. The 35-to 40-minute drive each way is a bit too long, which is one reason my place is on the market.

My house is set in a wooded, secluded woodlot off East Waldo Road. For all practical purposes it may as well be up north. And yet, it’s only minutes from downtown Belfast and all its amenities. It truly represents the best of both worlds.

If I wind up moving to Frankfort, you will probably continue to hear from me in a similar venue. I’ll talk about that when the time comes. Until next week, be safe and enjoy the summer.