Selectmen unanimously agreed to cancel the 2020 annual town meeting and operate on last year’s warrant and approved budget at the July 20 board meeting.

In a recent letter sent to residents accompanying their tax bill, board members acknowledged the situation as “unprecedented,” and said they thought it was best to calculate the mill rate using the 2019 budget already passed by residents rather than project what it might look like without assurance that a town meeting would happen.

All elected town officials will be now be required to serve an additional year.

The mill rate this year is 20.9, up from last year’s rate of 20.7. This means that for every $1,000 value of property, residents are paying $20.90 in taxes. Montville’s county tax bill increased by $7,972.50 and the school bill increased by $22,225.44. Town appropriations remained unchanged, since the tax commitment is based on the 2019 budget.

“We are optimistically anticipating that our community will have the opportunity again to vote on a new warrant and proposed budget in 2021,” read the letter signed by Selectmen Bob Price, Cathy Roberts and Bob LeRoy.

Several other items were covered in the letter, including the fact that the Town Office is strictly following guidelines set up by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention requiring employees and residents to wear face coverings and practice social distancing in all municipal buildings. Window service is available at the Town Office for those who choose not to comply. Residents are encouraged to follow this protocol at the transfer station.

Effective Aug. 1, residents are required to purchase trash bag stickers at the Town Office. A minimum of 10 stickers can also be purchased through the mail. The transfer station will not be selling stickers, and while punch cards will be honored, they will no longer be available for purchase.

The annual Roll Off weekend is scheduled for Aug. 15-16 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If anyone needs assistance from attendants to unload items, face coverings will be required.

The Good Neighbors Committee, recently formed under the direction of the Montville Planning Board, aims to sustain the town's “sense of rural community, peacefulness, safety, and protection of our natural environment” as the town plans for future commercial and residential development.

A survey included with the letter to residents asked if recent development activities (commercial or residential) affected the character of the town, or personally affected them as an abutter. According to the letter, the committee is hoping to ensure the existing Site Plan Review Ordinance supports its purpose, including “balancing the rights of landowners,” as well as  defining criteria for what constitutes an infringement on abutters and neighbors.