July 31, 1834

Steam Boat Bangor, Capt. Barker.—This elegant steamer touched in at our wharves to land and receive passengers on Saturday last, in passing between Boston and Bangor, and again on Tuesday morning in returning.–Situated as this town is in relation to the neighboring country, this boat may expect considerable patronage from here, provided she is punctual in calling in on every trip–which we presume is the intention of the directors.

Aug. 1, 1862

A Fete Champetre, or rural festival, was given in this city, on Thursday last, upon the grounds of Hon. A. G. Jewett, in aid of the funds of the Ladies Aid Society. The style of entertainment was news to this region, although common in France and other European countries, where they have been often attended by the host and hostess of the occasion. The beautiful and commanding grounds were supplied with every appliance for recreation or amusement, refreshment tables, etc., while the house also opened wide its hospitable doors. The scene was one to inspire even the dullest with a love of rural amusements. Under the grand old trees, at one point, a group of merry dancers moved to the music of the violin; in another place, grave ministers and lawyers joined in a game of ball; an auctioneer’s stand did a profitable business in selling various articles for the good of the cause; while the air was full of the laughter of children at their plays. The entertainment closed late in the afternoon, the guests universally voting it to have been one of exceeding enjoyment. Much credit is due to Mr. Jewett and his excellent lady for the production of this novelty. The amount realized was nearly one hundred dollars.

Aug. 2, 1906

The time honored and yet magical phrase “Are you going to the circus?” is now being heard on every hand, both in this town and for miles out into the surrounding country. The great Thomas Hargreaves railroad shows will exhibit in Belfast afternoon and evening, Saturday, Aug. 11, and it goes without saying that the huge tents will be filled at both performances. The small boy and his sister are happy in anticipating the coming of this vast tented amusement enterprise with its myriad of mighty wonders. And we shouldn’t be a bit surprised if the older folks, too, have the day marked on the calendar. This season Mr. Hargreaves has enlarged his show in every department. Overcapping the three rings is a veritable maze of trapezes, Spanish rings, ropes, etc.

Aug. 4, 1949

Two hundred and twenty babies were born at the Waldo County General Hospital in Belfast during the past 12 months, it was disclosed at a meeting of importance to all citizens of Waldo County last Monday in the Grand Jury room of Waldo County Courthouse in Belfast. At this time those members of the community who have been chosen to supervise the activities of the Waldo County General Hospital, called Incorporators, met to elect three directors and hear the reports of the secretary, treasurer, and president of their Board of Directors and the report of the Administrator of the hospital.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.