Ugh! This humidity makes me feel like I’m doing farm chores under a wet wool blanket. We got our hay in the barn – always one of my favorite days of the year. Love that smell of sweet fresh hay.

On another note, my last two weeks of tick collecting only produced one and two ticks respectively. General thought is that the drought really did slow them down.

Jackson Hiking Trail

Despite the humidity there was a crew of volunteers over in the Sebasticook Regional Land Trust (SRLT) property on Village Road last Saturday, just to the west side of the village. They were doing some trail maintenance and extension. SRLT, formed in 2004, currently stewards over 3,600 acres, of which about 50 run along the Great Farm Brook in Jackson. They also provide programs “focused on land conservation, habit restoration, and public education.” For more info, see sebasticookrlt.org.

Town Office

Town Office will be closed for vacation days on the following dates: Aug. 6, 13 and 18. Next selectmen’s Meeting is Aug. 11, 6:30 p.m.


We received some sad town news this week. Beverly Ludden passed away on July 29. To the whole Ludden family, so sorry for your loss. Beverly touched all our lives. Her love of family was evident in the hundreds of Jackson Town News columns she wrote over a period of decades.

If you didn’t happen to read her columns, perhaps you rode her school bus – I did! Every country song I know the words to is from Beverly’s “play list.” She commanded respect like the captain of a ship on that bus and rarely lost her cool.

Though I do remember one winter morning we were taking the right turn to head up Stove Pipe Alley in Monroe and the bus tires caught in the snow and ice. The whole bus tipped hard to the right side and started sliding down the steep embankment toward the Marsh Stream. So all us screaming kids promptly ran to the down side of the bus to have a good vertiginous look at where we were about to end up.

Beverly was yelling, “Get away from those windows! Do you want to end up in the river?! Get on the high side of the bus!” I guess it was a bit of a wait in those pre-cell phone days for someone to show up and then find a tractor to haul us back up onto the road.

Jackson History Nugget

Forty-five years ago this month Beverly Ludden was busy with the townsfolk organizing the revived Labor Day Fair at the Grange Hall (Community Center): “We are in the process of planning for our fair to be held on Labor Day, with the following events: Horse pulling at 10 a.m., pony pulling at 1 p.m., auction at 2 p.m., drawing of Barbie dolls and shotgun tickets at 3 p.m. Chicken barbeque will be served at noon. Beano and other games during the day. Fancy work, rummage sale, food table, grab bag, art and crafts will all be held in the hall.” — The Rebublican Journal 08/21/1975. Sure does make one nostalgic, eh?