American Legion Yard Sale

Jerry Dobbins Post 157 of the American Legion is extending its big yard sale into Monday, Aug. 3. Still lots of stuff — come check it out!

Community Library

The next Library Facebook Live – Read Aloud will be with E. J. Pikulski on Saturday, Aug. 15, at 10 a.m.

SSCL Story Time is broadcast on SSCL’s Facebook Live and will be recorded for future viewing at facebook.com/StocktonSpringsCommunityLibrary/live/. Don’t forget to send in your children’s own stories and illustrations to be hung on the wall of Mary’s Room. Please consider becoming a volunteer at the library for a few hours as they are short of volunteers. Please call 567-4147 for more information.

Town Office

Recycling dates this month will be Aug. 13 and 27. Congratulations to George Russell on being named the town Volunteer of the Year!

Lots of people are out walking and riding bikes so please be careful of them. Also, if you are coming up Cape Road, despite the beautiful new road, slow down as cars have been speeding over the 35 mph limit.

Community Builders

A movie night is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 7, from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. at Veterans Park on Main Street in Stockton. The movie will start at dusk. Please bring your own snacks, blankets, chairs, etc.

RSU 20

According to the district's website, the first day of school will be Wednesday, Sept. 2. Hope they let everyone know what the plan for this coming school year will be soon.

Condolences to the family of Carlene Hinds of Stockton Springs on her recent passing. Also, condolences to the family of Bill Wiley, known in town as Taco Willie, on his recent passing. I met him at The Good Kettle when he would come in wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a smile on his face.

There are a lot of vegetable stands open now with different types of homegrown produce. My string beans and wax beans are in and I am watching my tomatoes slowly grow. With this heat, everything is doing really well with a lot of watering involved with both vegetables and flowers needing water.

There was a big thunderstorm with lightening yesterday coming right up the harbor from the south. I watched as one sailboat that has been mooring over by Sears Island rushed back from Penobscot Bay just as the rain hit. Next thing you could not see the boat through the rain.

We have had storms predicted that missed us entirely and storms that just pop up at the last minute on the radar. The storm Isaias is scheduled to reach us this week with two days of rain predicted.

But the big news was the death of a swimmer attacked by a great white shark down at Bailey’s Island. My neighbors Sue and Harry are headed down to Popham Beach, where swimmers will only be allowed in ankle deep.

These are usually the busiest weeks here and the traffic on Route 1 shows it. So go out and explore Maine or get an ice cream to cool off! Stay well.

Thought for the week: “Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.” — Russell Baker.