Hello Monroe!

As I sit here typing this column, August is coming at our farm fast and furious. Ethan has acres of hay mowed and ready to be tedded, raked and baled over the next couple of days. A bucket full of green beans sits behind my computer screen waiting to be snipped and canned, a big pot of beets is bubbling away on the stove to soon be peeled and eaten fresh, and a double batch of zucchini relish is soaking in salt to soon be rinsed, drained and cooked. There is also a huge box of cucumbers waiting to be pickled, and red potatoes and wax beans ready to be picked again out in the garden. At some point soon, I hope to pickle a batch or two of beets…plenty to do this time of year! Thank you, Oliver, for taking such long morning naps!


My thoughts are with Jessica Landers and family of Monroe. Jessica and her four children, Jacob, Devin, Justin and Lacey, said goodbye to their husband and father, David, just 39 years old. I had Jessica and David’s three sons throughout school and enjoyed seeing David and his family out and about at sporting events and parent conferences. I’m so sorry.

I’m also thinking of Jolene and Diesel Bryant of Knox, who said their goodbyes to husband and father, Lucas Bryant. I saw Diesel almost every day out and about at Mount View School for many years, and he never failed to bring a smile to my face. Luke I only met a couple of times, but I can still see him lifting my son Oliver high above his head at a Christmas party at Kris and Jim Beirne’s just last winter, sharing with us his biggest smile and kindest words. A good man taken much too soon.

Worth celebrating

Happy birthday wishes go out to the following celebrating in and around Monroe this August: Sarah Sholes (1), Jill Jewett (2), Morgan Murphy, Betsy Prevett and Cassie Dougherty (4), Kate Faragher-Houghton (7), Antoinette Purinton (8), Bill Prevett (9), Lisa Mosher (10), AJ Weed (16), Sophia Tripp (19), Kylie Smart (28), Elizabeth Hustus (29), and Colby Brown (30).

NBF blueberries

Have you seen the road signs pointing to yummy blueberries available in Monroe? Many are taking advantage of the organic, high-bush blueberries ready in abundance at North Branch Farm, 122 Stream Road. Call 525-3323 or check their Facebook page (North Branch Farm) for up-to-date picking hours and varieties available. As of the writing of this column (July 31), varieties ready to be picked now include Duke, Blue Jay, Blue Ray and Meader. Nelson and Jersey are still to ripen! U-Pick hours are typically 4-7 p.m., and cost is currently $3.35/lb.

Also at the blueberry field is a table stocked with goodies for sale, like North Branch Farm cheese, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers and new potatoes.

MVFB masks

The Mount View Football Boosters is taking orders for custom Mount View Mustang cloth face coverings. Masks are available in two designs, one that supports all the Mount View Mustangs in general, and one in support of the Mount View Football program specifically. Masks are being sold for $10 each, and are available in gray with green lettering and black with white lettering. Support a great program while staying safe and in compliance during the current pandemic. Visit their Facebook page (Mount View Football Booster Club) to see samples of the masks and get your order in, or call 592-1482.

Have a great week!