Summer drags on here in Waldo. The heat and humidity this year beat anything I’ve ever seen and consequently, just mowing the lawn or tending the garden ranks as hard work.

But soon things will change, as the weather pattern gears up for late summer and into fall.

Perchin’ prediction

Last chance for a five-fish limit in trout streams. Up to Aug. 15, anglers may use bait and may kill a limit of five trout from brooks and streams, unless otherwise noted in the law book. After that, it’s a one-fish limit and artificials only, through September.

I like to go out at least once in August and catch a mess of wild brook trout. These fish aren’t big, but they are beautiful, things to cherish.

In the garden

Our favorite vegetables are coming in now and the harvest will extend for several months yet, depending upon the crop. I can note that it looks like a good year for “keeper,” or winter squash.

Under the feeder

A yellowthroat warbler has taken a liking to a row of flowers in front of my house. I first note its presence by watching the plants tremble as the little bird pushes around beneath. Watching an open spot, then, usually allows me to get a view of the charming, yellow bird with its black mask.

Also, it appears as if hummingbird young have hatched and are fledged. I may be wrong, but a sudden increase of hummers tells me that my guess is probably valid.

Weekly quote

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” — Alphonse Karr