A small sign supporting the increasingly popular conservative movement QAnon rooted in unfounded conspiracy theories supporting President Trump, was placed next to the Belfast Memorial Bridge in East Belfast.

The sign, no more than 18 inches square, is black and features a Q with the acronym #WWG1WGA, which stands for “Where we go one, we go all,” a popular movement slogan. The sign has since been uprooted and placed under weeds and brush in the ditch. It is unclear who placed the sign there.

The movement began when an anonymous person, who claimed they had Q-level clearance in the United States government, started posting cryptic messages that were largely pro-Trump to an online message board, according to BBC News.

Trump has largely embraced the movement by retweeting its supporters and wearing clothing featuring its slogan, according to the BBC and other major news outlets.

It has been widely reported that the group's followers believe Trump is secretly battling an undercover network of celebrities, politicians and wealthy elite who are devil worshipers and maintain an elaborate sex trafficking ring.

According to federal documents linked to the website secure-justice.org, it has been classified as a fringe political group by the FBI and has inspired people to commit violent crimes. Followers in Arizona have made unfounded claims that several people and businesses in their community participate in sex trafficking rings. The same followers engaged in illegal activity to intimidate opponents in the Arizona community.