Good morning, everyone, hope you all are enjoying your summer and staying safe.


The Jackson Food Pantry is having an online auction because they aren't having the live auction in November and December. If you need some great Christmas gifts and/or Christmas decorations, you need to check their site and get your Christmas shopping done here and help these wonderful people raise money to be able to get the food they need to feed people. They are all doing an awesome job; they are very busy volunteers.

From the Morrill Fire Department:

We at your fire department hope you are all well during these difficult times. Things have been quiet on the fire/rescue side of our duties.

The woods are becoming tinder dry this summer. Most rain showers have either been light or passed by most of our town. We caution all to be careful with all outside burning. Remember a permit is needed to have an open fire. Contact Pat Scribner or Lt. Brian Simmons to obtain one. Do not be surprised that there will probably be additional safety requirements needed until we receive some significant rain.

New lights have been installed at the fire station, greatly improving the atmosphere in the station. We now have more visibility around and over the apparatus. This project was years in the making, but well worth it.

The department sends out its condolences to the family of Fred Ehman on his passing. Fred was an emergency medical technician and firefighter with the Belfast Fire and Ambulance Department. He responded to Morrill often during his many years of service. Thanks to his family and Belfast for sharing him with us.

Volunteers are needed; please contact Chief Pat Scribner or Assistant Chief Dean Rowlands for more information on how you can assist.

Richie Charette has relocated to the Rockwood area, thus leaving the Fire Department another member short. He has been on the department first as a junior (under 18) and later as a full trained firefighter. He and his wife will now be working in the Moosehead Lake area. We wish Richie the best and hope he will be able to assist the local fire department as a skilled member.

I would love to hear from you in things that are happening in your life, this is your column and I need your help getting news. If you do have any news for me, please try getting it to me by Thursday morning.

Thank you, Jethro Pease, for getting me news from the Morrill Fire Department. I like to hear what's going on at our local fire department.

You all have a really great week and remember to be kind to one another, we need to stick together in this trying time. Our small towns are doing great being kind but when you get out of our little towns it a different story. I wish we all could stick together and be kind and respectful to one another.

Quote of the week

"One word of encouragement can be enough to spark someone's motivation to continue with a difficult challenge." — Roy T. Bennett