Garden notes

For the first time in living memory, the garden is producing lettuce and tomatoes at the same time! In past years, we’ve gotten lots of greens early in the season, with the tomatoes lagging behind, but this year has seen a healthy abundance of both together. It could be the warmth and sunshine. Or that we have been here to weed and water and nurture everything. What a treat!

Weeds or wildflowers?

Identifying the field bindweed in our meadow last week got us thinking. What is the difference between a wildflower and a weed? I heard somewhere that a weed is something that’s growing where it wants to, not where you want it to. Others may say that a weed is an invasive plant that just shows up. When we walk a road we know well, we are almost always surprised by some growing thing we see, whether or not we can name it. So, if it’s growing by the side of the road, and we like it there, is it a weed?

Selectmen visit the transfer station

No selectmen’s meeting this week, but word is that the new board made a site visit to inspect the transfer station on Crie Road. Check or call 342-5411 to find out how to “attend” the next selectmen’s meeting by Zoom Aug. 25, 5 p.m.

Voting news

The school budget is set at $28 million, up less than 1% this year. This represents nearly two-thirds of Searsmonters’ tax bill amount, so all are urged to vote on Aug. 18. Polls are open from noon to 6 p.m., and absentee ballots, available at the Town Office, must be turned in before the polls close that day. Looking ahead to Nov. 3, absentee ballot applications will be available from the Town Office in person, or by phone or (soon) online request at The ballots themselves will be available in October.

Hurry! Lobster to go

Thursday, Aug. 13, at 8 p.m. is the deadline for ordering lobsters from Searsmont United Methodist Church in Searsmont Village for a takeout event Saturday, Aug. 15. $20 buys a full meal that includes a 1.25-lb. lobster, drawn butter, an ear of local corn picked that morning, coleslaw from Angler’s Restaurant, and a generous slice of homemade blueberry cake. $10 for an extra lobster, or just lobsters. Call 207-589-3059 for your reservation or more information. Dinners and lobsters may be picked up on Aug. 15 from 5 to 6 p.m. at the church.

Library notes

As we look ahead to the fall, here are a couple of things to anticipate. Exploring the Wilds of Searsmont will resume with hikes led by Bill and Sarah. Although the number of participants will be limited, stay tuned for details on how to register and when/where the hikes will go. Live at the Library has received a Maine Arts Commission grant for the 2020/21 concert season. Remember listening to live music? We’ll keep you posted when we have more info.

2020 Census and more

Local responses to the request for census data are down and census workers are driving around town to get the information in person. Census information sets federal funding to Maine and legislative representation for the next 10 years. So if you haven’t yet completed the census questionnaire at, take a few minutes this week and “git ’er done.”

And, as always…

Stay safe and be well.