Thanks to all who expressed their hearty "welcome back" to the Searsport column! Please continue your support by contacting me via email, phone, news drop box or even if you see me in the grocery store, with your news and events to publish! Here’s what’s going on in Searsport for the upcoming week:

Yard sale

There will be a yard sale on Saturday, Aug. 15, at North Searsport Methodist Church at 753 Mt. Ephraim Road from 9 to 1 p.m. There will be treasures to find and bake sale items to eat!

At Penobscot Marine Museum

This is about the time in the summer when you are looking for something different to do with the kids, and here it is:  On Tuesdays, Aug. 18 and 25, at 11 a.m., the museum will host a free Facebook Live Puppet Show. Each week has a new adventure. Meet the creatures that live in tide pools. Sail around the world with a Searsport sea captain. Puppet shows last from three to five minutes and afterward you can ask staff questions. Even better, you’ll get instructions to make some of the simple puppets used in the show. For more info, visit

Recycling woes

Alas, recycling in Searsport is suspended until another option is found. We worked with Belfast previously and they have gone to single stream recycling. The good news is that our trash is being incinerated and not buried. Stay tuned as the powers that be find another solution.

Getting in touch

Selectman Doug Norman is starting a government news email. If you’d like to be on it, go to, and click to sign up for Searsport News on the top right of the Home page.

Also, Janet Williams is reviving her version of Radio Searsport with “Searsport Calling.” Her email is for receiving news or to send her information. Janet also serves as the contact for Sears Island and Senior College.