When asked how many victories the Boston Red Sox will amass during the 60-game regular season, the majority of voters did not pick a win total, but believe the Major League Baseball season will not finish due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Thirty-six-point-four percent of voters chose the "baseball season will not finish" option, while 27.3 percent believe the Red Sox will finish the regular season with 20-25 wins. Twenty-two-point-seven believe the team's win total will be in the 26-to-30 range, while 13.6 percent chose 35 or more victories.

As of Aug. 8, Boston is 5-9 with 46 games to play, and sits fifth in the American League East standings behind the New York Yankees (10-5), Baltimore Orioles (7-7), Tampa Bay Rays (7-8) and Toronto Blue Jays (5-7).

Now, the sports staff turns its attention to the high school fall sports season in the Pine Tree State, and asks: Do you believe there will be a fall sports season played in Maine?

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The Maine Principals' Association has released a four-phase plan to get student-athletes back on the field for the coming season, but also has pushed back the start of the fall sports season to Tuesday, Sept. 8, with the first playable games scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 17.

To read about the most recent release of the phase details for the fall sports season, click here.

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