The Bayside Store, a longtime sandwich and pizza shop on Route 1, has been transformed and reopened by new owner Elizabeth Andrew-Lane of Northport.

In an early morning interview Aug. 10, Lane toggles between working the cash register, stocking shelves, answering questions and greeting customers.

Stepping away from questions for a second, she pivots and asks patrons coming in, “How’s it going?” in a tone that is warm, inviting and wide awake — even if it is only 7:30 in the morning. “Wicked good” is the response she gets.

Lane, who will be 60 on her next birthday, said she could not let the popular establishment “just sit there” for sale and decided to talk to the couple who owned the property, ultimately coming to an agreement.

The store, which she officially opened July 4, was a leap of faith, she said, without a plan. “It just happened,” she said.

Word got out that the store was ramping up to open and people got excited, she said. “We hit the floor running — I’ve been shocked at how busy it’s been.

“We have had so many compliments on the store, the food, the fact it's open again, and the variety of items,” she said. “The reaction has been more than I imagined.”

The previous owners, who owned it for 26 years, taught Lane how to make their  renowned pizzas and sandwiches in just the same way. She plans on keeping most of the items from the previous menu with a few updates, she said.

“I decided to shake things up a little with gluten-free stuff,” Lane said.

She is also focusing on local products and Maine-made items, including Gifford's Ice Cream, Maine’s Best coffee, scone mixes from The Scone Goddess, Frontier Maple Sugarworks, local honey, Jocko energy drink, Capt. Eli’s Soda, Whaleback Cider, beer from Threshers Brewing Co. and Cushnoc Brewing Co., and local Maine gifts like Lobster Treats for Salty Dogs.

The store offers a wide selection of wines with the idea that anyone can get a decent bottle of wine for around $20. Also available are pre-made grab-and-go sandwiches, cold and hot subs, signature pizzas and assorted baked goods.

In one corner of the store, books line the shelves, along with DVD movies.

Lane said, “My base is the local population,” which makes up about 80% of the store’s business. Contractors come for lunch and many people from the community order the pizzas and subs. She said the store has not seen a huge influx of tourists.

On any given day, the store also sees a large contingent of kids from the nearby Bayside community who ride their bikes over for penny candy and ice cream. “The deck is usually filled with 20 or so bikes,” she said.

A few of the Bayside boys offered to deliver food on their bikes, Lane said. “What happens when you drop a pizza?” she quipped. “Who pays for that then — you are 11 years old?”

She challenged the group to put together a business plan, which they did.

People in the Bayside community can call and set up deliveries directly with the “Bayside Boys Delivery Service” once the food is paid for. “And I give them a discount on their purchases,” she said. “They have made a couple deliveries so far.”

While coming across as an affable candy shopkeeper, Lane sets the ground rules early. Kids at the store are instructed on what is appropriate behavior up front, she said, with a three-strikes-and-you're-out rule. Punishable offenses include swearing, not picking up garbage and bullying. Even workers, Lane said, have to put their cell phones away.

Most of the people who work at the store are from Northport, she said, and referred to them as a “great bunch of people” who have fun, too.

Lane said the store has also recently installed a wheelchair-accessible entrance and purchased a picnic table specifically designed to accommodate people who use wheelchairs.

In a Facebook post she said, “I can't thank you all enough for your amazing support. There are certainly bugs we have to work out, finding our strengths and working together, learning everything and trying desperately to get it all right.

“Each day brings a new challenge and I am so grateful that 99% of people are kind, understanding and gracious of a new business finding its way in this crazy environment we find ourselves in.”

“I am so grateful,” she said, in considering the past few months. “I’m glad we’re here.”

The Bayside store, located diagonally opposite The Hoot (formerly Dos Amigos) on Route 1 in Northport, is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday;  and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. For more information, visit