Hello Monroe!

The gladiolus are blooming and pumpkins are on the vine! My huge pumpkin patch got drastically reduced by an early cucumber bug infestation, but there are a few hardy clumps still working to bring us some splashes of fall orange. The weather recently certainly doesn’t feel very fall-like, but it will be here soon.

Worth celebrating

A belated happy 12th birthday to Lacey Landers! Lacey appeared to have a nice day on the water with her mom, Jessica, and a yummy dessert with big brothers and close family to celebrate her special day.

Welcome new kid on the block, beautiful baby girl Neta, born to Noami and James of Dickey Hill Farm. I look forward to meeting our new neighbor soon!

Congratulations to Mario Tribuzio for receiving the Dennis Paper and Food Service “2020 Dennis Difference Award”. We're lucky you're one of ours here in Monroe!

From the Dennis Paper website: “The Dennis Difference Award was established in 2015. Nominated by their peers, the Dennis Difference Award is presented to one deserving employee each year. Among several considerations, the award is voted on and honors employees' distinguished commitment to upholding our company values.”

A peer of Mario’s wrote in his nomination of Mario: “Mario works with new accounts to set them up for success … he is always helpful at reception should there be a customer who has questions … he also is a great resource for the new Dennis Account Executives … he is a valued member of the safety committee … he is also active in his local fire department, the Lions Club and his church. He sets a good example and is often willing to help where needed.”

Town Office

Town of Monroe tax bills, covering taxes from July 1 through June 30, 2021, have been sent. First payment is due by Oct. 14, and second payment is due Feb. 13, 2021. Interest on first payment accrues at 8% beginning Oct. 15. Interest on second payment accrues at 8% beginning Feb. 14, 2021. A reminder that the Monroe Town Hall hours are Mondays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Contact the hall at 525-3515 with any questions.

Bridge update

Many residents in the Stream Road vicinity are growing weary of the Monroe-Frankfort Lord Bridge extended closure and lack of work appearing to be done. The bridge, originally slated to be closed to traffic from April to June 1, it now likely to be closed until October, or perhaps December, according to the Department of Transportation. Failed welding jobs were reported earlier this summer.

Resident Rachel Norgang contacted DOT directly in regard to the bridge delay, and shared the following information with Monroe residents via the town Facebook page for those interested in submitting messages to DOT. The phone number to call is 624-3000; the project ID is 022334.00 – Lord Bridge Deck Replacement. She found on the DOT website an anticipated completion date of Dec. 14.

DOT recently responded to resident Joyce Hillman’s inquiry with the following response from the project manager for the bridge construction in explanation of the current lack of activity at the site:

“The Monroe-Frankfort Lord Bridge was scoped as a deck replacement job. After the timber deck was removed, it was observed that the existing steel superstructure was in worse condition than originally thought. The Department made the decision to change the scope from a deck replacement to a full superstructure replacement, meaning the existing steel will now be replaced. Currently steel beams/girders for the new superstructure are being prepared for installation in Monroe-Frankfort.

"Originally, the bridge was going to be closed for 90 days. The contractor planned to close the road in April and have it opened back up in July. Because of the change in scope, there is a delay. Right now, the schedule has the bridge opening in October. This is still subject to change.”

Summer camp at farm concludes

The third and final week of summer camp at our Rosemoore Farm has come and gone. Luke, Mia and Evie were together as full-week campers again, and Emmett joined for two nights of his own at the tail-end of the week.

The days this time were full of lots of fun with Uncle Ethan. Jet skiing, tubing and swimming on Randall Pond; shooting the .22 down back in the pit (Mia shot for the first time and now wants her own black .22 for Christmas. That a girl, Mia!); Popsicles; beagle puppy snuggles; stories read each night; and more Popsicles!

I feel so fortunate to have had my nieces and nephews come and stay with us this summer. I hope Summer Camp Rosemoore becomes a trend for them!

Have a great week!