Jeffery A. “Radar” Dow, 62, passed away at home Aug. 1, 2020.

It is believed his kind heart grew too big for this world. Jeff opened his door for anyone in need. He always had a guest for the night or year. Jeff had a memory problem; he often forgot he had a Jeep or two, then bought another one. You could say he loved his Jeeps but, his deepest love was for his family. Jeff was a son, father and grandfather.

Jeff was born in Rockland to Kenneth W. and Annie A. Anderson Dow. He lost his father at an early age and was raised by his mother, whom he adored. Jeff felt a sense of loss from his father being gone, he felt he needed to learn the manly things in life. Jeff learned welding, masonry and all the four-letter words he could. Jeff loved camping, kayaking, shooting and hiking.

Jeff married into a family and took those children as his own. Jeff wanted to teach them all he knew and be there for each of them. Jeff became a Boy Scout leader, traveled around with the sporting teams and gave “vocabulary lessons” when he lost his patience with mechanical problems. Even after divorcing, Jeff and Debra remained friends and Jeff never divorced his step-children or the family he claimed as his own.

The world lost a contagious laugh and a kind soul. Jeff would not want anyone to be sad that he was gone. Jeff would want everyone to remember; “Sadness would stunt your growth and make your hair fall out.” Jeff would want everyone to remember his humor, his kindness and his love for family. We want everyone to remember his laugh, his wit and his undying love and caring for them.

Jeff is survived by his daughter Tia Fournier and her husband, Steven; son Robert Bouchard and his wife, Candice; cousin Glenn Clay and his wife, Mavis, from Florida; cousin Abbott Clay from Florida as well as his grandsons Christopher and Connor.

Jeff had a family at Dragon Cement where he worked for more than 20 years and leaves behind several friends and neighbors as well.

Jeff was predeceased by his parents.

Jeff’s family has chosen to remember his life privately. Those who wish to share a story of love and remembrance with Jeff’s family, may do so by visiting his Book of Memories at