Aug. 25, 1870

Elson, the walkist, is engaged in making daily trips on foot from Rockland to this city and back. He leaves at 3 in the morning, reaches this city about noon, and starts on the return towards night. There is no apparent object in the performance, and the man is a mystery.

On Sunday P. M., our citizens organized a volunteer force of gravellers, some fifty in number, to see what they could do at the business in case of emergency. They deposited two train loads, or some hundred tons, on the track, and came back satisfied that for amateurs they had done a good thing.

Aug. 20, 1885

Mr. W. R. Pitcher, of the Portland Wheel Club, rode a bicycle from Rockland to Belfast one day last week in three hours and fifteen minutes.

Several of our city gardeners have been annoyed of late by animals eating their corn. Last week John H. Poor placed a steel trap in his corn patch and captured a skunk. It is no doubt these sweet-scented animals which have been doing the mischief.

John L. Sullivan, the champion pugilist, who is in training at Searsmont, was in the city on Friday, and created some excitement. He weighed himself at O. G. White’s store and tipped the scales at 228 ½. He wants to train down to nearly 200 before he fights with McCaffery.

Aug. 23, 1900

A special train of three car-loads of excursionists came from Waterville yesterday forenoon, and a goodly number from Dover and Foxcroft came on the regular trains. The destination was Northport Campground, to which place the party went by steamer Castine. The special train left Belfast to return at 4:30 p. m.

The recent visit of the Dark Harbor knockabouts to Belfast is likely to lead to some additions to the local yacht fleet. It is probable now that at least three knockabouts will be built here the coming winter.

Aug. 26, 1915

Mrs. Florence Brooks Whitehouse of Portland, the leader of the suffragette movement in Maine, was a recent visitor in this city, registering at The Wayside.

The offices in the Pythian block, corner of Main and High streets, recently vacated by the Direct Importing Co., are undergoing renovation and will be occupied by Dr. O. S. Vickery, eye specialist. The two rooms in the read of the law offices of Hodgdon C. Buzzell, recently occupied by the Central Club, are also being renovated for use as private rooms by Mr. Buzzell, whose increased practice demands it. The partition at the head of the stairs will be removed, giving more light to the main hall.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.