While Maine Principals' Association officials mull the significant determination as to whether to hold a fall high school sports season in 2020 due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), others have no choice but to sit and wait for that decision.

However, if you are a student-athlete who wishes their voice heard on this matter, now is your opportunity.

With the MPA is expected to announce a decision next week, the Courier Publications/VillageSoup sports department asks student-athletes their thoughts on this potentially historic decision — that being, to have, or to not have, a fall sports season.

Do you feel the fall season should be played as constituted or canceled? Why or why not? Do you feel your particular sport can be played safely? Why or why not?

Why is participating in sports important to you? Is it for mental health and well-being, or is it to satiate the need for athletic competition? Or both? Tell us your reasons.

If your school has engaged in summer workouts under the MPA's proposed four-step plan for a safe return to play, do you feel that has been beneficial?

Did you participate in any summer leagues? If so, how did those go? And, if the MPA cancels the fall sport season, do you plan to participate in other leagues in the fall to fill that void — and if so, where?

Courier Publications/VillageSoup welcomes candid feedback on any of these questions from student-athletes who plan to participate in fall school sports. Include name, age, grade, school and sport you plan to participate in.

To take part in this story, email sports at sports@villagesoup.com.

Courier Publications' sports staff can be reached by email at sports@villagesoup.com or by phone at 594-4401.