Dear Donald:

Thanks for your “breaking news” email that Joe Biden had picked “PHONY" Kamala Harris as his running mate with the subject line: “Slow Joe and Phony Kamala.” I wanted to reply sooner but the ensuing flood of emails predicated more thoughtful response; you’re right, “it’s up to Patriots like YOU to save our Nation from that dark fate.” You then asked for a contribution, adding “for the next hour, all contributions 600% matched!”

An hour later you wrote again; this time you changed “slow” to “sleepy,” again told me I had another hour for the 600% match, saying “it’s REAL Americans vs. SOCIALISTS” that should concern us.

For the next several days you and VP Mike Pence peppered me with emails, both warning me sleepy Joe and phony Kamala “LOVE anarchy and HATE America.” You also said Joe’s pick “shows Biden and the Democratic Party have been overtaken by the Radical Left,” again offering me the 600% match.

Then Mike wrote me again, similar message that Democrats have been taken over the by the “Radical Left.”

Then you wrote again, telling me you were “surprised by Joe’s pick,” sharing that “Kamala Harris is the meanest, most horrible, most disrespectful, MOST LIBERAL of anyone in the U.S. Senate.” You upped the matching amount to 700%. Wow, Donald, this is quite the opportunity to show we care.

You then sent me an “exclusive survey” saying you “chose” me; you underlined “chose,” so I know you really value my opinion. About 45 minutes later you let me know “BIG NEWS: YOU WERE ON THE LIST TO RECEIVE ONE OF THESE ICONIC SIGNED PHOTOS” of you. If I just contribute $75 to your campaign, I receive a “PERSONALIZED photograph signed by yours truly.” Very moving, reminded me of a baseball memorabilia show where Pete Rose offered me, and other “true” baseball fans, a chance to buy his autograph on a baseball.

The next email got me off my Sunday couch to begin this note; you asked “Patriots” like me to reserve my spot (letting me know space is extremely limited) for a “campaign strategy call.” That’s when I knew you loved me and needed me to help you sort this out. You wrote again saying, “I could really use you on my team.” Your campaign followed up telling me “PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS EARNED THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.” That note said it wasn’t a “done deal”; it’s up to patriots, like me, to sign a petition to nominate you.

Thank you for valuing my input; on the eve of the Democratic convention, it might be best to share with you thoughts and ask you to consider them as just my “2 cents worth”; I know you know better than me, and the Generals, and the Doctors and the Scientists, so perhaps these words will fall on “deaf ears” but, since you’ve written looking for my input over 20 times the last several days, here are things to consider as you lock-and-load your tweeter fingers (and thumbs) for the Democratic convention.

Calling Kamala “nasty” is not nice, Donald. It is tone-deaf and demeaning to women. If I can be truthful with you, calling Joe sleepy and slow and Kamala phony is not presidential; while I like people who “tell it like it is,” name calling needs to be set aside for all the 8-year-olds in America to own; perhaps grown-ups like you can find other ways to express your displeasure.

As for Joe and Kamala being “liberals who are as far-left as they come,” that is not factually true. Joe is a moderate, especially in today’s world, and Kamala doesn’t fit the AOC one-size-fits-all leftist mantra. And Donald, neither of them promotes socialism; both want health care for all Americans and access for all to education and a chance at the American Dream. That means they want the top 1% to pave the roads so others can get a taste of that dream. They aren’t calling for redistribution of wealth.

Love of country is not designated to one party or one way of thinking; love of America means different things to different people.

While you can keep writing me, offering 600%-700% matching contributions (who is matching it anyway?), I will keep on answering the bell; not with money but with common sense.

I wish you well, Donald. Say hi to Mike and let him know that being alone in the same room as a woman who isn’t your wife does not make you a flaming left-wing liberal. Perhaps the two of you could concentrate more on your party's far-right-wing side; electing a QAnon conspirator theorist whose beliefs are at best whacky and at worst dangerous, may not be positive motion for our country.

May the force be with you. Consider what Herbert Hoover once said:

“The President is not only the leader of a party, he’s the President of the whole people. He must interpret the conscience of America. He must guide his conduct by the idealism of our people.” — Herbert Hoover, 31st U.S. President (1874-1964)