Editor's note: We're pleased to introduce our new columnist for Palermo, Chris Diesch.



Hello to my Palermo community!

My name is Chris Diesch, and I’m now the Palermo town columnist writing for The Republican Journal and Waldo VillageSoup.

I invite you to tell me about any news and events you’d like to see published in the paper and online. The possibilities are endless! Some examples include town events, church events, craft fairs, fundraising events, get well wishes, birthdays, anniversaries and other special recognitions.

Please submit information on dated events at least 10 days in advance of the event to make sure it gets into The Republican Journal (in addition to being published online). Any news and events submitted to me before Thursday will appear online and in print the following week.

Now a little bit about me by way of introduction. Although I’ve only lived in Maine since December 2016, my Maine roots go all the way back 11 generations to my ninth-great-grandfather, who lived in the Casco Bay area from 1640 onward. So there’s a drop of Maine blood in me!

My first trip to Maine was in 1971, when I was 10. It was my favorite state of the seven we visited, and I especially remember exploring tide pools on the coast. During a second trip to Maine in 2011, I decided this was where I wanted to retire.

When I was ready to move in 2016 I found (by pure luck) a wonderful rental on the south side of Sheepscot Lake. I lived on the lake for two years, made some great friends and searched for a permanent place to live. I’m now in a lovely home in North Palermo.

I grew up in Illinois, Ohio and Iowa and have lived in three other states besides. Although my last name is German, I’m mostly of English descent by way of Maine, New York and Virginia. (Oh, and my last name is pronounced “dish,” like “dishes, pots and pans”; somewhere along the line it lost its proper German pronunciation!)

I like to spend time with family and friends, travel, photograph nature, quilt, write and get to know new people. Since I’ve moved to Palermo, I’ve gotten involved with our local quilt group, four-wheeler group and library.

I value being involved with the local community and saw writing this column as one way of doing that. Please do send me your news and events and anything else you think might be of interest. I look forward to hearing about our community “happenings.”

Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful week!