As summer winds down, folks in Waldo prepare for cooler weather. It’s time to order oil and stack firewood. Soon, the first frost will kill weeds and tender vegetation. Which brings a certain point to mind.

That is, Waldo has not yet contracted with anyone to mow roadside weeds. In some instances, weeds pose a threat, particularly around sharp corners where they block visibility for oncoming traffic.

But not to worry. The frost will soon kill the weeds. So if the town finally does get someone to trim the roadsides, it will stand as a total waste of money because it’s far too late now. What little good it may do to cut weeds at summer’s end is not worth the taxpayer’s dollars.

The drought

We are in the midst of a moderate- to semi-severe drought. That means the water table has receded to low levels. Wells have suffered and until we get some substantial rain, it is advised that Waldo residents conserve water. We’ve been through this before and hopefully, the drought will soon pass.

Mini vacation

Last week I was invited to go aboard Eric Holbrook’s boat on Moosehead Lake. Eric is the premiere guide on Maine’s largest lake and his record of finding big fish for his clients is unparalleled.

We fished some places I had never seen, where there were no camps and no other boaters. Moosehead is a huge lake, with lots of hidden treasures. Eric pointed out the name of every mountain and hill, adding to the experience.

Within minutes of setting out our rods, I got a strike and it was a big fish, probably one of those 4- to 6-pound Moosehead brook trout. But the fish made a run and pulled the hook out. That was OK, since in four short hours, I caught 10 more fish, trout, salmon and togue. All in all, it was a perfect and memorable trip. I highly recommend Eric Holbrook’s guide service to anyone interested in spending time fishing Moosehead Lake.

Porky problems

Upon coming home from Moosehead and getting out of my car, I saw a porcupine in the middle of my yard. So I ran in the house and got my .22 rifle and killed the beast. That was Wednesday. Then on Thursday afternoon, another porky, this one even bigger, appeared in the same place and it met the same fate.

Porcupines do immeasurable damage to buildings, chewing on the siding to get the salts in the paint. Also, porcupines get under houses and spend the winter. This happened to me and the animals were noisy, obnoxious neighbors. Thank goodness I got to kill these two. Hopefully, there are no more.

Weekly quote

“Starlight wipes away our absorption with the trivial.” — Harold E. Kohn