Wrong affiliation

I am writing to correct a statement in the otherwise excellent article about Pastor Tom Seymour in the Aug. 20, 2020, issue of the Republican Journal. The article incorrectly indicates that the First Congregational Church of Searsport is a member of the United Church of Christ. While the Brooks church is indeed a member of that denomination, our Searsport church is not, and never has been, part of the UCC.

Instead, back in the 1950s when some Congregational churches merged with the Evangelical and Reformed Church to form the UCC, our Searsport First Congregational Church was one of the churches whose deeply-held belief in the autonomy of the local church caused it to join the newly formed National Association of Congregational Christian Churches.

The UCC and NACCC, despite some shared history dating back 400 years to the Pilgrims, are two very different organizations, with different polities and focuses. Those wishing more information may wish to refer to the NACCC website at naccc.org or our church’s website or Facebook page.

Our congregation has welcomed Tom Seymour into our pulpit in the past, and we and our pastor, the Rev. Debra Arnold, wish both Tom and the Frankfort Congregational Church a successful shared ministry in that community.

Nancy Hamilton

Clerk, First Congregational Church of Searsport

Editor's note: Upon receiving this letter, we corrected the story online. We regret the error.

A word of thanks

In normal times when a long-serving selectman/woman or fire chief or town clerk or member of the Community Club finally retires, Prospect's Annual Town Report is usually dedicated to that person and, then at town meeting people get up and say embarrassingly nice things about them.

But these are not normal times, so I write as just one citizen of Prospect to thank Heather Boynton, who is retiring from the Board of Selectmen after 15 years. In Prospect, the selectmen usually divide up the chores, and for many years Heather has had the unenviable job of administering General Assistance.

While Heather may not talk a lot, she is a great listener with a really good analytical mind and a great "manure detector." Every town government needs one. Her ability to get to "the bottom line" will, I'm sure, be missed.

So, thanks, Heather, and enjoy all your free time.

Bill Sneed


For Curry

When the Belfast YMCA first opened its doors, I met Chip Curry because we volunteered on the board there. Over the past 20 years, Chip has been my neighbor down the street, a teacher colleague, and a regular volunteer on many efforts in our town. I admire him. Chip is an active citizen who puts a lot of time into building our community.

Chip has always worked with young people, helping them in academic and job preparation. I see him pitching in for multiple school districts, the YMCA, at public meetings, and now he is willing to go fight for working people in Augusta.

Waldo County needs a strong economic base so our young people have a way to stay here and work. I see Chip supporting innovative industry, like technology and manufacturing, clean aquaculture and renewable energy coming to our county.

We need to have property tax relief because the lack of state and national contribution to our schools is putting far too much of the cost of schools on the backs of homeowners who do not have high incomes.

I appreciate Chip’s positive rapport and open communication style, because in these partisan times Chip keeps an open mind and thinks locally. This is a time when we need our state government to work cooperatively to make sure that Waldo County people have jobs, affordable health care, a thriving environment and a sense of cooperation in order to solve our problems. Chip understands what we are facing and is a problem-solver who will work hard to create a strong future for our children.

Martha Conway-Cole


Salmon plant could attract sharks

Back when the chicken plant was discharging blood into the harbor, a friend of mine who went fishing with his family in a rowboat alongshore in Lincolnville noticed a very large white shark patrolling between the rowboat and shore. The frequency of shark sightings in those days seems to have been forgotten.

In 1966, after we younger crew-folks had been towed on a rope behind a sailboat across Penobscot Bay, we learned that a boatyard had removed a shark's tooth from the keel of a comparable wooden sloop. We stopped towing after that. Later, I learned about Harry Goodridge's shark-harpooning trips to Robinson's Rock and Mark Island.

If this salmon factory should be permitted, would anyone like to speculate on the number of sharks that the discharge would attract into the Upper Bay? Would those who favor this salmon factory want their children to play in the nearshore waters?

Inquiring sharks want to know, before they make arrangements for summer travels. Remember, white sharks are not menu-racists.

Bill Leavenworth


Smith will bring fresh ideas

It’s time for new, fresh and innovative ideas in Augusta to support the future of Maine, especially for our hard-working families. Enter Katrina Smith, District 96 candidate for the Maine House of Representatives.

Amid too much partisanship and uncertainty, we need a leader who will preserve our ways of life and restore peace of mind about the way in which our great state is headed. Katrina knows the people she will serve. She is a Maine native, was raised in Appleton/Camden, and now lives in Palermo; thus her own experiences here have shaped her views for keeping our freedoms, decreasing our tax burdens, and attracting diverse businesses.

New, balanced leadership is needed in Augusta. Vote for Katrina Smith.

Mary Hyland


Seven things Zeigler won’t do

I believe politicians are defined by what they will not do as well as by what they will. There are several things that S. Paige Zeigler, incumbent District 96 state representative, wants to help accomplish as a legislator, but there are also some things he will never do.

1. During a pandemic, he won’t interact with you without wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. He cares about your health as well as your vote.

2. He will never advocate restricting access to medical care, especially during a national emergency.

3. Zeigler will never disregard the safety of the ballot box or hinder citizens from exercising their constitutional right to vote, including by secure remote methods during a pandemic. He will never try to undermine the Postal Service.

4. Neither openly nor secretly will he ever condone any form of bigotry — racial, sexual, religious, or otherwise.

5. S. Paige Zeigler will not vote for unregulated development at the expense of Maine’s farms, forests, waters and wildlife, the source of the state’s well-being.

6. He won’t take big-money donations in return for a legislative vote. He relies on Clean Elections money for his campaigns.

7. Above all, Zeigler will not lie, to constituents or anyone else. He will always discuss disagreements with respect and will consider compromise in almost anything except his integrity.

I know Paige won’t do these things because it has been my privilege to be his friend for two decades. Yes, I’m biased, and I can’t even vote for him, because I live just outside his district, but the more people like him that we have in the Legislature, the better things will be for all of us. District 96 voters, please reelect him.

Gary Stimeling


The only choice

Sen. Susan Collins does not deserve the abuse she has been taking from the upstart Sara Gideon and her wealthy supporters from Out of State. Sen. Collins has over the years been labeled a RINO, "Republican in Name Only" for those of you who don’t know. She has voted with Democrats when she thought it was best for the people of Maine, sometimes much to my dismay. She truly is bipartisan.

I don’t think Sara Gideon has ever supported a Republican initiative. She talks about reaching across the aisle. I have yet to see that. It has been said by people wiser than I that when you have everyone mad at you, as Sen. Collins has at times, then you’re probably doing something right.

If you are thinking of voting against Sen. Collins because of her very informed and thoughtful vote in favor of Judge Kavanagh, then shame on you! Sen. Collins has proven herself to be a truly independent voice for the people of Maine.

Sadly we have another senator who claims to be an independent. Angus King is anything but. Anguish is what I feel every time he opens his mouth. We don’t need another liberal Democrat in the U.S. Senate. That’s why I think you must support Sen. Susan Collins. She is the only choice for Maine, and America.

Leo H. Mazerall Jr.

Stockton Springs