Late summer: I wait for it all year long, the bugs are gone, the humidity is gone, the hay is put up in the barn. It’ll be time for apple everything right around the corner.

Town Office

In a sea of potential confusion regarding absentee ballots, Brenda would like to remind all of us of the following:

“Requests for your absentee ballot may be made in person at Town Office or online at Maine.gov — search absentee ballot (requests come directly to this office), or by phone to this office (722-3439). You may receive an application for a ballot in the mail from a source other than this office; these are being sent by political parties and get out and vote campaigns. The request form is usually valid but needs to be returned to this office. Your ballot will ONLY be mailed from this office. If you receive any type of ballot that does not come from this office, it is not valid. All ballots come from this office and are returned to this office and will not be sent to you without a request form received at this office. Also ballots WILL NOT be available until October. When you receive your ballot, please return as quickly as possible and it does require postage. If you don’t put postage on it, it will only slow down your vote getting to this office on time. Please note that the envelope with the absentee ballot is logged in upon being received from the voter, but the envelope is not opened and the ballot put into the ballot box until Election Day, Nov. 3. Any questions please call. Thank you, Brenda.”

Next selectmen’s meeting is Sept. 8, 6:30 p.m.

Brenda could use help from volunteers for stuffing and stamping tax bill envelopes.

Reminder: Make sure your voter registration is current! Register to vote if you’re new in town. And only listen to Maine-specific voting information.

Economic Recovery Grants — for agriculture, too!

We have a lot of small businesses in and around Jackson. If you own one of these, check out the guidelines for the new Economic Recovery Grants at maine.gov/decd/economic-recovery-grants. Deadline is Sept. 9. If you are a farmer, specifically, go to farmers.gov/cfap/apply.

Their website states: ”Are you a farmer or rancher whose operation has been directly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic? The Coronavirus Food Assistance Program provides direct relief to producers who faced price declines and additional marketing costs due to COVID-19.” Application deadline is Sept. 11.

Jackson History Nugget

Labor Day is upon us and we’ve been doing some digging into the memory banks, been thinking about the Jackson Labor Day Fair sponsored by what was then the Lone Star Grange, and is now the Jackson Community Center. It was a good feeling having all the folks come together here in Jackson. The sweet smell of the chicken barbecue, the shouts of the kids on the mechanical swings and seeing the strength of those beautiful pulling horses, all made for a classic Labor Day Fair.

One of my favorite parts of the fair was wandering through the Grange hall looking at all the crafts, quilted potholders, doll clothes; and remember those oversized crocheted Barbie skirts? You’d pop her legs into the spare roll on the back of the toilet and the skirt would disguise the toilet paper roll.

In 1973 my parents organized the kids' games and the greased pig chase. We’d get the pig early and have to get him all Criscoed up in our barn stall before taking him over and popping him into the snow fence enclosure for the chase. I’m still not sure whether it was more fun watching my parents Crisco up that pig or watching the kids scrambling to catch him afterward. Fun times!

Hope you have a happy Labor Day!