Sincere condolences are being sent to the family and friends of Christy Spencer. She was a super person and she will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

A big thank you to Alan Jr. for the electricity in the gazebo. Dustin and I are just loving it. We listen to music and enjoy some cool beverages on sunny afternoons. Thanks again.

Condolences are being sent to the family and friends of Warren Champlin II. I remember when he sold insurances in the Unity area.

Dustin has dug all of his potatoes. It was a great project for him this summer. He had a large container for red potatoes and another one for white potatoes. We have eaten all of the red ones and started on the white ones last night. He says the red ones were way better than the white ones. I'm thinking next year, he will probably just plant red ones. He wants to try raised beds next year.

My deepest sympathy is being sent to Rhonda Porter and family on the loss of husband and father, David Porter. He grew up in the house next door. I will always remember him and his brothers out zooming all their cars and trucks, complete with motor sounds, in the driveway under my bedroom window at the crack of dawn. Rest in peace, David.

My heartfelt sympathy is being sent to Ingrid Robitaille and family on the tragic loss of husband and father, Roland Robitaille. My daughter was a babysitter for them during her teen years and there are many fond memories.

Congratulations to the new Thorndike Board of Selectmen, Doreen Berry, Jeff Trafton and Bob Carter. Now to get cracking on a salt/sand shed that was needed 20 years ago.

I am still waiting for some news about other families' goings-on. I have been told some are tired of reading about my family. Well, call me with some exciting events in your world. I will gladly print them.

Ernest Hemingway is quoted as saying, "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."

Have a great week and get walking that dog.