How about that! A couple of recent thunderstorms and my lawn is starting to turn green again. The storms did, however, scare my neighbor's cows and the other morning I heard the all too familiar refrain, "Come Boss, Boss, Boss! Come Boss!" Growing up on a dairy farm I've done my fair share of cow chasing. I played middleman in my backyard, directing the cow catchers to the bellowing bovines.

During my three-month stint at Maine Medical Center during the summer of 2014 I met a wound care nurse, Sue Reeder, who just happened to have a family camp on Unity Pond. She spent countless hours taking care of me; I am forever grateful. So it's always nice to run into her when she comes "upta camp." She came into the office one Monday morning and I introduced her to Kari, Tony and Dan. She doesn't like to take too much credit for my recovery, but I know without her care and expertise the outcome could have been different.

The next community yard sale will be held Saturday, Sept. 5, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., across from the Unity Town Office. Bring your own table/chair/shade. There is no fee. FMI: Contact Lori Grant Nason.

A reminder that tax bills have been sent out and are due by Sept. 11 for the 2% discount. Taxes are due by Nov. 30 without penalty.

Unity Ambulance Corp. is a growing and caring provider of emergency medical services and patient care to the citizens of Unity and four surrounding communities. Volunteers are needed. Contact Bruce Cook, 948-2526.

Roadside brush removal commenced this week and the mowing should be happening soon thereafter. There were unfortunate delays. On the plus side of that is that it freed up some money in the budget so we can remove some dead trees within the right-of-way.