Hey everyone, I just got home from shopping in Jackson. Yes, Jackson! If you have never attended the Jackson Food Pantry live auction, you've been missing out!

The food pantry is located at 260 Village Road in Jackson call (all of 20 minutes from us) They normally hold two live auctions but due to COVID-19 they have canceled them both for this year. I have gone to the auctions over the years and taken others, too. The deals on brand new items are amazing.

I had heard they were loaded with items and that really doesn't tell the story of what they have. So Mom and I went to out to see! They are even offering layaway because they need to turn the toys, holiday decor, tools, clothing, and so much more into money to provide food for their clients.

Go on Facebook and look at their pictures of all the items. Jackson Food Pantry info! Give me a call and I'll take a ride with you. Let's help them out and you can buy right then and there or do a layaway for nine weeks. They really have a lot to choose from and you'll be helping out a great cause.

Let's get a bunch of people together and do your Christmas shopping early, like I've been doing, no better place to get your shopping done. The volunteers are fabulous people and they work hard to help out people. They all go out of their way to help out their community.


Happy birthday to Ken Ihnken on Sept. 6. Happy birthday to Jenese Harford on Sept. 7. I hope you both have a very special day because you both are special to each and everyone of us.

Get well wishes

Raelene Harford Fuller on Aug. 18 had a total hip replacement and they reconstructed her socket because it was also gone. She had to spend a night at WCGH to get the pain under control. Raelene came home the next day, her grandson Shane was waiting for her and took really great care of her for four days. Raelene is in pain but is doing good. I wish her a speedy recovery even though it won't be for a little while. Keep your chin up, Sis. We'll be shopping together again real soon.

Hasn't it felt like fall this past week, I wish it would be a little warmer. Not ready for fall season yet but I think we will be having our summer weather back this coming week. Hope everyone is having a great time and keeping busy, also enjoying everyone around them. We all need to come together and be kind to one another in this time of this stuff we are dealing with.

You all have a very nice week and would love to hear from you about anything going on.

Quote of the week

Always remember your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come. Live purposefully now. — Zig Ziglar