Signs of fall abound in Waldo. Red maples show tinges of red, goldenrod and St. Johnswort line the roads and the evening air has a crisp feeling about it.

Under the feeder

A huge flock of blackbirds descended upon my yard this past week, a sure sign of things to come. Also, chipping sparrows are working feverishly to glean wild seeds from garden weeds. And hummingbird young have fully matured and do battle with each other as they vie for a station at my sugar-water feeder.

Perchin’ prediction

Another trip to Moosehead Lake has proved productive. Despite sometimes 4-foot waves, I managed to land a 23-inch lake trout, among other fish. Meanwhile, back here in Waldo County, those who enjoy mackerel fishing but don’t like summer’s crowds, might consider another outing.

All those folks with the funny number plates are headed back home and floats and piers beckon Mainers to come and try some late-season mackerel fishing.

House hunting

My Waldo home is under contract and I’m looking for a place in or near Frankfort. As pastor of Frankfort Congregational Church, I’m becoming familiar with the local community and want to live a bit closer.

I’ll miss Waldo, having lived here for a good portion of my life. But change is one of the few things we can depend upon and we have but one choice, and that is to accept it.

One thing I won’t miss is living on bumpy, old East Waldo Road. The “washboard effect” has become firmly established and it can only get worse.

Weekly quote

“How little observed are the fruits that we do not use.” ― H.D. Thoreau