Wishing all the students, faculty, staff, administrators and bus drivers all the best with the opening of school on September 8th. I always loved returning to school in September, it is sad to think that the joy for this year’s students will be diminished by the stress of remote learning and layers of safety precautions when attending in-person school days. There will be school buses on the roads so Heads Up! They may be out there at unexpected times. Please visit rsu3.org and click on “FAQ Return to School” to see the latest updates on mask rules, cleaning processes, scheduling choices, etc.

Mea culpa

Correction to last week: The Jackson Grange Hall was the Star of Progress Grange, not the Lone Star, prior to becoming the Jackson Community Center.

Bee in my bonnet!

If you have ever driven up or down the Bog Road, you know “The Bend,” the one just up from the village, the one with ZERO visibility. I have seen a number of cars in the brush having gone straight, heading north, and completely missing the curve. I have seen a fully loaded wood truck ass over teakettle, with their load broken free and rolled off into the brush. And yesterday, as I came around the bend myself, hugging my side as always, I saw a motorcyclist coming at me, take the bend too hard and lay down his bike, sliding a hundred feet or more. It seems he will be fine, thank God.

This is my plea to each and every one of you all, Please.Slow.Down. Please slow down! In the village and especially on “The Bend”!

Town Office

Feeling the need to get your volunteer hat on? The Jackson Town website could use a new webmaster. If you’d like to take a look at it before committing, please visit jacksonmaine.net. Contact Brenda if interested.

Next Planning Board Meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 15, 6:30 pm.

Maine DEP award

Congratulations to Unity Area Regional Recycling Center! They received a state grant in the amount of $7,107.75. This recognizes their recycling and organics management initiatives, and helps them continue their planet-saving work.

Jackson history nugget

Schooling has always changed with the times, and Jackson has been no exception. Jackson’s first school house was put up in the Cates area in 1811, with a town population of 276. By 1878 there were 10 schoolhouses, pop. 682 in the 1880 census. I’m not sure what all they were teaching prior to, but a note was made that in the 1867 town meeting it was voted to “ensure that the teachers teach writing in the schools.”

By 1900 the population had dropped to 439, and there were 137 “scholars.” Our population continued to drop throughout the 1930s and five of the schools were closed, sold off, and in 1952 Jackson became a part of School District No. 3. The last two Jackson Elementary Schools were closed in 1959 and children were sent off to Monroe Elementary and Morse Memorial in Brooks. Source: "History & Early Settlers of Jackson, Maine," Rev. Vol. 2, 2010, Theo Stacey & Donna Nickerson.

Praying for happy school days for all our young ones!