Hello All,

Not much for news at this time. Labor Day is upon us already. Cooler temps and soon to be cow corn cutting. I know fall is here for sure. The school kids will be back on Sept. 8, day after Labor Day. College kids will be doing remote as well and some in classes I am told. Good wishes to all. This COVID virus keeps many grounded, sadly.


Yeah, rumor has it that Hilltop Store, here in town as well as Depot and Albion stores, have all been sold by Barry McCormick. Time to retire, I reckon.

Need canning jars?

JP Wentworth in Brooks has canning jars if you are having a hard time to find them. Many people been canning this season.

At the track

Drew's Hard Knox track has seen many come and ride 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers and motobikes, as well. I can hear them from here. Many having a fun time. If you want to see his track on Flat Road, just ride by or stop and see. Frankie has had a lot of fun with this project he did. Kenny helped with info, too, and his dad with help, am sure others as well. One little feller will celebrate his 10th birthday there on the 26th. Am happy to see them having fun.

Glads for sale still

Don Orff still has been putting glads out for sale at the end of this road. Been very pretty colors there. Got some for family and a friend.


What do you do with all of them you get given to you? I made bread and put fresh wild blueberries in mine. It was a good treat with my coffee break.

Tanya says

The No Greater Love Food Pantry will be open only every second and fourth Sundays of each month now. Not open every Sunday at this time. Hours: 10:30 a.m.-noon Sept. 13 and 27, Oct. 11 and 25, Nov. 8 and 22, Dec. 13 and 27. Mark your calendars if you go there.

Jackson Food Pantry

They are having shopping times for a layaway program to help people out. Contact Cindy Ludden if interested in this.

Until next week,

Gotta run. Stay safe and be kind.