The Freedom Board of Selectmen met at the Town Office on Aug. 31. Routine business was conducted. Selectman Stephen Bennett gave an update on the Skidgel lot cleanup. He predicted that the bulk of the work would be done by Sept. 1. Hopefully next week I can share some photos of the progress and a "before" photo.

Steve made a motion to allow the public to attend meetings at the Town Office up to the allowed capacity with social distancing. No one seconded the motion, so for the time being meetings will continue to be accessible to the public only via Zoom. If you have poor internet it was suggested that you can come to the Town Office, sit in the parking lot and use their Wi-Fi. You can call the Town Office for the password.

I received an email from a Freedom resident regarding the quality work done by the Public Works Department in ditching Goosepecker Ridge Road and part of Mitchell Road.

The Freedom Community Historical Society was awarded a grant from the Belvedere Historic Preservation and Energy Efficiency Fund to facilitate improvements on Keen Hall. Despite the events of the past six months, the FCHS has made remarkable progress, not only in physical restoration, but also in preservation of historical documents and photos, as well as obtaining funding to continue to grow the society's ability to inform the public of progress and needs.

The porcupine I mentioned in the last column has been a daily sight around the property. He is so cute and cuddly.

Some famous people have said, "No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child." This quote is correctly attributable to no fewer than six people.