Sept. 11, 1863

The Stereophan. An exhibition of magnified Photographs, is on exhibition in this city. It has given great satisfaction at Rockland and elsewhere, far surpassing any exhibition of the kind that has ever been presented.

Sept. 10, 1891

The Hatch Brothers, at the Head of the Tide, do quite an extensive business in coopering. Last week they shipped 900 fish barrels to Portland.

Carter & Co. have had a good run of business at the Belfast marine railway. Last Friday was the first day of the season when their railway crew was idle.

A Belfast grocer says that housekeepers have poor memories. The wagon will be driven round mornings for orders, but when the goods are delivered, four out of every five will give a new order. “When I got to cooking,” the woman will say, “I remembered that I wanted something else.”

Sept. 13, 1906

Henry C. Marden tells a good story on himself. Last Sunday, accompanied by his wife, he started to drive to Maple Crove campmeeting. On arriving at Goose river he saw a pail on the bridge and got out to water his horse. Descending to the stream he dipped the bucket into the water and was lifting it out when the pail gave way and he went in headfirst. On regaining his footing he made his way out on the opposite side and to his wife’s enquiry as to what was to be done, said there was only one thing to do and that was to go home. The horse did not get his water, the bucket was at the bottom of the stream, and the attendance at the campmeeting was lessened by two.

Sept. 16, 1920

Mrs. Summer C. Pattee is taking the normal course in the dancing school conducted by Madam Odiorne in Bangor. The course includes ball room, classic and folk dances. Mrs. Pattee will conduct a class this fall in dancing here and has been urged to go to the surrounding towns. Her exhibition last season was most highly recommended.

The Y. M. C. A. is furnishing free educational services for the American soldiers, who took part in the last war. Ex-service men of Waldo county, who wish to study should apply for further information to Lynwood B. Thompson, Mayor Wescott, R. A. Bramhall or Capt. A. E. Andrews, these gentlemen being the committee in charge of the work.

Sept. 12, 1957

The Waldo County Dog Club held a Fun Trial at the running grounds in Belfast last Sunday. This was an all day event with a good turn out of the 13- and 15-inch class beagles.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.