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Falling trash?

Dry Searsmont weather has stressed some trees, which are dropping red and yellow leaves on roads, lawns and fields. As ferns die back, roadsides reveal a summer’s worth of bottles, cans and fast food wrappers. This is a good time for Searsmonters to help by picking up along their road. Use gloves, carry a trash bag and recycle drink containers. Searsmont Town Library has CLYNK bags for recyclables and gets the proceeds when you turn them in to Hannaford. It’s good exercise and a neighborly thing to do. And the next time you go out you don’t have to look at unsightly trash!

Speaking of lovely views, we enjoyed a socially distanced sunset “dinner on the deck” with neighbors. Next day we made a brunch omelet with homemade bread and Searsmont garden goodies, except for eggs all the way from Bahners in Belmont.

Remembering Goldy

Like many Searsmonters, we were saddened to learn of the recent death of our neighbor and friend Ron Goldstein. “Goldy” was a free spirit and good man who made trips to the Belfast Co-op, where he worked for 25 years, a pleasure. This past spring he and his wife could be seen walking in our neighborhood. We offer heartfelt condolences to Cheryl and his extended family. Goldy made Searsmont a better place, and we will miss him.

Town Office

At the Sept. 8 selectmen’s meeting, Kathy Hoey was reappointed as the town’s public access (formerly “information”) officer. Arlo Redman reported that at the end of August, the town had spent nearly 60% of its budget and received just over half its projected revenue. “It should be close” by year’s end, he said. And Kenn Ortmann said he should be done with his work on town job descriptions and employee evaluations “by the end of September.”

Searsmonters can now request absentee ballots for the Nov. 3 election. You can ask for one by phone (342-5411), online at or in person at the office. Looks like a lot of people will be doing this.

The office is doing a lot of business by mail now, including sending out tax bills (payable by Oct. 31). If you’ve changed your address this year, Contessa, Kathy, Nancy and James would appreciate your letting them know how to reach you. Assessors Agent James Murphy, is ready and willing to answer questions about your property revaluation.

Searsmont Library

On Saturday, Sept. 19, 4 p.m., “Live at the Library” will present Bare Back Rider. Rachel Bell from The Milk & Honey, and Curtis Russet and Pete Davis from Shirt Tail Kin will perform live outside on the front patio (funded by a Maine Arts Commission grant). The trio presents a “rowdy and poetic, rebellious and homey blend of American music,” will make you laugh and smack you down to reality, with tight musicianship and a wonderful sense of play. Space is limited, so call 342-5549 to register, leave your name and number and how many people.

Do the same to gather with Bill and Sarah at the library at 9:45 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 26, for another “Explore the Wilds of Searsmont” hike. As always, this should be an enjoyable walk, especially if you wear the right clothing and footwear (snowshoes optional).

You can also call 342-5549 to request parking lot “library take out” service, or to make a 30-minute appointment to get your books, DVDs, and CDs.

And as always …

Wear a mask, keep socially distanced, wash your hands. And get a flu shot to keep yourself safe.