Sometimes I think about the differences between how life is now compared to the early 1800s. I have been thinking about those things a lot in the past few weeks as I help to build a 30-foot-long stone wall. I could use some of the stones for a bed and it is just two guys and small tractor doing the work. Imagining doing that work without the piece of heavy machinery that we are using is mind-boggling.

I often see horse drawn carriages in the Unity area, but there is also a family on the North Palermo Road here in Freedom that has a horse and buggy. I love seeing both functional and pleasurable uses of what were once universal methods of travel.

On a somewhat related note, bicycles were invented in large part due to a famine caused by a volcanic eruption in 1815. People killed their horses for food and still wanted to get around faster than their legs could move.

September means "seventh month," yet it is the ninth month on the Gregorian calendar. If you begin counting your months at the vernal equinox, September is in fact the seventh month.

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, the Freedom Board of Selectmen met at 6 p.m. for what I would say was the second-shortest meeting of the board that I have witnessed. Steve mentioned the Skidgel lot cleanup was finished.

The meeting was over in time for me to do a few chores around the house before logging back in to Zoom for the Freedom Planning Board meeting. We discussed the Commercial Development Review Ordinance, which has seen some substantial use lately, and plan on meeting again next month, Tuesday, Oct. 13, at 7 p.m.

The Freedom Community Historical Society met at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 9 via Zoom. You can learn more about the society by visting their website,

Freedom native John Sherwin Crosby wrote, "The fourth, or Self-preserving function of government, embraces whatever has to be done by the State to maintain its integrity and supreme power, including whatever is necessary to its defence against insurrection from within or invasion from without."