Things have calmed a bit as we make changes to fall schedules.

Highway inconveniences

If you’re like me and find yourself running up and down Route 1 most days, it’ s going to be a slower trip! The Searsport Water District is replacing a major water line between Mortland Road and Station Street. Single-lane travel has backed up traffic so, please take that into consideration on your way to work or shopping. Also, travel northward to Stockton and Bucksport is being diverted at the 1A split as well as Muskrat Road. When they say there is no travel up Route 1, they are not kidding! Both lanes are dug up until Oct. 18.

Election update

This year live voting will take place at the Lion’s Club, as the Public Safety Building is not large enough to manage COVID-19 requirements. Applications for absentee ballots can be picked up at the Town Office. The actual absentee ballots will be available the first week of October, when you can vote on the spot or take it home and return it later by mail or in person at the Town Office. You will be asked to fill out a form for identification if you take it home with you. Any questions on this can be directed to the Town Office at 548-6372.

Continuing my series of new businesses:

The Bus

I have spent a good part of this summer scratching my head when I go by the red, green and white painted bus on Route 1, wondering, “How did they get a wood-fired pizza oven into that bus?” I finally stopped by and had my questions answered with a delightful visit to the “Little Italy Bus” called “Za’spresso” (for pizza and espresso coffee).

Owner James Crothers actually did pizza research by going to the source of ”the people’s bread” in Napoli, Italy. James became enamored with pizza from his fond memories of making pizzas with his family. He came back to the States with his own Neapolitan (thin) crust recipe and some new ideas for salad, like prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella over arugula. By the way, did you know that in Italy they do not cut the pie into wedges?

Za’spresso has nine unique 12-inch pizza varieties as well as salads, like one with meatballs. This fall he is featuring cider doughnuts, some with maple frosting, yum! One really doesn’t know what he’ll come up with next! His menu and specials can be found on Facebook. James, Charlie, and partner Judy welcome you Thursday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., closing on Sundays at 5.

So whether you choose a bus or a train, tasty Italian fare has come to Searsport!