Stockton Springs Community Library

The library will hold a Virtual Story Hour on Saturday, Sept. 19, at 10 a.m. Patsy Baldus will read “The Whale’s Song” by Dyan Sheldon. Kids will create a cardboard seashore wreath and write a whale’s song of their own.

Don’t forget to go and see “Art in the Stacks,” which will continue into the month of October. Also, please donate your redeemables to the library bottle cart, as these funds go toward the library’s upkeep and new books.

Town Office

The next recycling date is Thursday, Sept. 24, and e-waste day will be at the Town Garage on Saturday, Sept. 26, from 9 a.m. til noon. No plastic bags of recycling will be accepted.


Maine DOT is replacing a culvert on Route 1 just past Muskrat Farm Road. Traffic on Route 1 is being detoured up Route 1A with a turn at Prospect onto 174, which takes you to Fort Knox and then over the bridge. The road in Prospect has orange road cans marking the detour to the right; 1A is still open through to Bangor. Local people are allowed past the 1A cutoff into Sandy Point and beyond. Locals can either take Muskrat Farm Road to Meadow Road to the bridge or go through Sandy Point and back onto Route 1 that way.

There are still plenty of vacationers here in Maine on Route 1 and the detour seems like quite a long one. However, there are so many trucks using Route 1 that there would have to be adequate roads to handle the truck traffic. There has been no information posted on the town’s website that I have found informing town residents of this project, so I am not sure how long it will continue.

Beware of phone scams

Another issue that has come up with some neighbors is the many robo calls and telephone scams that crooks are using. One of them is to use a phone number that looks like it comes from a local number but is not. Caller ID is essential now. I don’t answer my phone if it is not a number I recognize. As my number is published at the top of my column weekly, anyone who has information for me will leave a message.

Be forewarned: No one is calling you from Social Security or the IRS. The scammers tell you something is wrong with your account and threaten you unless you either give them money or gift cards. Do not give anyone your credit card, bank account or any information. The best policy is to hang up on calls if you do not know the person and don’t have Caller ID on your phone.

Labor Day has come and gone and school has started. The first day of autumn is Sept. 22. My garden now only has broccoli and zucchini (which is always so prolific that I am tired of it). September is the most beautiful month and a few trees are sporting some red leaves.

Local oysters

My cousin Carolyn and her husband David and I enjoyed our Stockton Harbor Oysters last Sunday. I picked them up from Eric Prosser on the causeway Saturday morning. I had never shucked an oyster before but had watched a young woman shucking them at McLoon’s in Spruce Head when I was there.

The local oysters were two years old and were small but very tasty. Eric told me that the 3-year-old oysters next year will be larger. I am very glad that Stockton Harbor is clean enough to support this type of aquaculture. It is unobtrusive, with a couple of buoys to mark where the oysters are. Best of luck to Eric.

Shute's is also open on the weekends for seafood.

Maine is a great place to live — underscored lately by all the wildfires out West and the tremendous heat in the Southwest. Enjoy this beautiful weather!

Thought for the week: “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” — Walter Hagen.