Sharon Corbett, who lives on True Road in Lincolnville, had her Donald Trump political sign vandalized. A suspect, still unknown, spray-painted a peace sign on two of her signs supporting the incumbent presidential candidate.

When she let her cat out the morning of Sept. 6, Corbett noticed the vandalism and reported it to the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office. She said she does not understand why they did not just steal the sign, which is common around election season.

The person who committed the crime had to come down her driveway and onto her lawn, where she purposely placed them so they would not be stolen, she said. It feels like more of an intrusion because of how far the vandal came onto her property.

If prosecuted, the class D criminal mischief misdemeanor crime carries a penalty of up to 364 days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. She intends to press charges if she discovers who vandalized her signs, she said.

Waldo County Sheriff Jeff Trafton said when the department gets reports on issues like this, they usually do not find the suspect unless somebody can make a positive ID. He has been telling people to post cameras on their property to monitor for trespassers.

Another political sign in Waldo County was vandalized early in August. A woman’s Black Lives Matter sign was defaced on both sides with a swastika, which elevated that incident to a hate crime because of the symbolism used. A suspect was never found in that case.

Corbett is an avid Trump supporter and has items she wears to show her support. She said she believes in the First Amendment and would not interfere with speech supporting Biden, Trump’s opponent, even though she opposes his stance on issues.

Speaking as a 70-year-old retired woman, she said this is the most politically divisive era of her life. She visits the cafe Covfefe in Rockland to get most of her candidate signs. She has seen several other Trump supporters come into the shop looking for new signs because theirs had been stolen.

Corbett said everyone is brittle and cracks at the first chance they get. “This idea that you can take somebody else's political sign is unacceptable," she said. "I mean, we’re all adults here. … It’s too bad, it’s a sign of the time, now.”