Fall is upon us and I know everyone is super busy, but I can't write this column without your input. Please send me news and information — don't make me resort to recipes (although I have a lot of great ones)!

All of our local businesses are open and need your continued support. This includes the Thrift Store. They are now accepting (clean, laundered) donations during their regular business hours only. Church services continue to be outdoors at 10 a.m. on Sunday in the Varney parking lot. The Varney continues with restricted use.

Our town clerk reminds you to check your voter status well before the upcoming election as they expect a very large turnout. I will also be posting further information regarding the Brooks Community Park and a possible Halloween event as soon as it becomes available.

A bit of Brooks History

"Hammy" Jenkins' Store was located just south of the Marsh River Bridge in town in the 1930s at the site of the present-day J.P. Wentworth Store and gas pumps. Hammy sold grain and groceries with the "Nation Wide" label. He was famous with the children in town for his penny candy.

The store was formerly owned by Charles W. Ryder until 1928. Along the south side of the grocery store building was the town's post office. Many of our parents and grandparents have memories of the grocery store when it was owned and operated by Lloyd and Zenaide Wentworth in the years 1945-1967 and later by Ralph and Sally Reynolds.

The store was razed in 1986 by John P. Wentworth, grandson of Zenaide and Lloyd. John had operated the old store for a time with his wife Rhonda. The Wentworths then built a large, more modern store and now manage it again after a short spell of 10 years when it was operated by Joanne and Robert Anderson.

Until next time, peace.