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Is summer gone?

We were just getting used to summer in Searsmont when, doggone it, the heat came on in the house last week. Guess it’s time to think about taking out screens, putting up storm windows, checking the weather for the first frost so green tomatoes and basil can come inside. It’s also time to move wood from the summer pile to near the woodstove and bank mulch hay around the foundation. Can the first snowflake or power outage be far away?

Walking, watching and reading

You can still call the library at 342-5549 (leave your name,contact number and number of people) to reserve your place to join Bill Evans and Sarah Crosby on another family friendly, surprise destination “Explore the Wilds of Searsmont” local walk this Saturday, Sept. 26, 9:45 a.m. Wear hiking footwear. You can also request parking lot “take out” service or make a 30-minute appointment to get your books, DVDs, and CDs.

New DVDs include “The Alfred Hitchcock Collection” (15 films) and Gary Oldman as Sir Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour”. Non-fiction books include Helen MacDonald's “Vesper Flights” and Michael Eric Dyson's “What the Truth Sounds Like”. Thanks to a Rudman Foundation grant, the large-print collection now has Jennifer Fields' “Atomic Love”, Lee Goldberg's “Lost Hills”, Charles Finch's “The Last Passenger” and more! For Inspector Gamache fans, the new Louise Penny novel has arrived. Call to add your name to a modest waiting list.

Attention must be paid

We crawled behind a school bus from Searsmont to Belfast this week, so be extra careful on our roads. While you’re paying attention, remember Searsmont is proud of its voter turnout and it won’t hurt to give the Town Office a call (342-5411) to be sure you are registered to vote Nov. 3. If you don’t plan to vote in person, you can ask now for an absentee ballot, which will be sent in October. It’s also a good time to be sure the office has your address if you’ve moved in the past year. And don’t forget the Oct. 31 property tax payment due date or to renew your 2021 dog licenses.

Too big to get through the door

How do you get a 14-foot-wide, 36-foot-long, 10-ton metal barge through a 12-foot-wide door? Kyle Cox at Cox Machine on Route 3 (the metal manufacturing, machining and welding business begun by Kyle’s father James in 1972) says he can do it.

The barge is for Richard Calligan of Calligan Dive Service on Muzzy Ridge Road, who will use the vessel for underwater welding and dive work after it is launched in Belfast by early 2021. Kyle says that although this is their biggest on site project in nearly 50 years ― done with a Searsmont nice handshake ― they have done bigger jobs off-site, including the Belmont Boatworks expansion project a few years ago. He says “we can do any job or know who can.”

The answer to the question: “We’ll take off the garage door and exterior cladding, move some interior fixtures and plumbing, and slide her out very carefully. It will be a tight fit.” You can say that again. Nice work, Cox father and son.