Tyler J. Damon, 29, of Swanville, was arrested and charged Sept. 16 with unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs.

According to court documents, Sept. 14, Damon made a plan to sell methamphetamine and heroin to MDEA officer Walter Corey. Damon connected Corey to his suppliers who agreed to meet at 93 Lincolnville Ave., where the exchange of 3.5 grams of heroin and 7 grams of meth for $900 would occur.

Damon’s associates, Daimon Clark, 41, of Bangor, and Bart Langley, 54, of Bucksport, were also arrested and charged with unlawful trafficking of scheduled drugs

At a Sept. 16 in-custody hearing, Damon was released on $1,000 secured cash bail; Clark was released on $1,000 secured cash bail and Langley was released on $500 secured cash bail; all with the condition they not use or possess illegal drugs and submit to searches.