Stockton Springs Community Builders

The next Bingo night at Town Hall will be on Tuesday, Oct. 13, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Come join us for a fun night of Bingo!

Stockton Springs Community Library

The art show and baby quilt silent auction have been extended and will end on Saturday, Oct. 10, so make sure to go buy some beautiful artwork or bid on the baby quilt before it’s too late.

Town Hall

The deadline to request ballots is 5 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 29, through the mail. There is a link to request ballots on the town website or call the Town Office Monday through Thursday at 567-3404 for more information.

Stockton Springs Historical Society

The Facebook site for the Historical Society has links to the movie “Peyton Place,” which was filmed in this area of Maine, and other videos of historical interest to this part of Maine. Please consider joining the Historical Society.

Just Barbs is advertising football nights on Thursdays and Sundays with drinks and dinner specials. The Hichborn has been selling Coconut Cream pies on Saturdays with orders by Fridays. Some of the local farm stands are still open with the last of their vegetables and flowers. The Za’spresso Bus will be closing soon for the winter and will reopen again in 2021. Meanwhile they are selling their pizza sauce, so please call them at 548-4072 for more information.

As a follow-up to my prior column on scams, I heard from a local Stockton Springs resident of a scam that was inflicted on them. A text came from a friend stating that they needed money through gift cards for their niece who has cancer. This information may have been gotten by hacking emails or Facebook. They were asked to buy $400 in Google cards and text the card numbers back to the friend. As soon as the thieves get those numbers, your money is gone.

Catfishing is the term used for when a person creates a fake identity on a social networking service to target victims for fraud or abuse, according to Wikipedia. A good lesson here is to always call the friend who texted or emailed you to check whether or not they indeed asked you for money or gift cards. (Usually the text says they need the money in a very short time.) Or call a family member and ask them about it. Many people over 65 are targeted, so please be careful.

Across Stockton Harbor, the trees are starting to change colors and leaf peeping season soon will be upon us. Bruce Gray sighted a moose outside his house and his photo is on the Facebook site Stockton Springs Talks. Be careful driving around the back roads!

Seventy percent of our state is now in a severe drought condition and the ground is rock hard. With the falling leaves and lack of rain, there is a danger of wildfires. One of the TV stations reported that we were down at least 9 inches of rain from where we should be. The storm Teddy did not bring any rain to this area of Maine but did to areas farther Downeast.

After a cold two days, we are back to sun and warm temperatures. Stay well!

Thought for the week: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt.