Again, I have no municipal news to report. The virus has things on hold and it doesn’t look as though it will change any time soon.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the frenzy that always takes place just prior to a presidential election. I would suggest that I’m not alone in my dislike for the constant bombardment of political ads.

Even worse, I was mailed an unsolicited application for an absentee ballot. This has never happened before and it is unsettling. If people wish for an absentee ballot, they can request one. We don’t need unsolicited mailings.

Soon it will all be over and perhaps we can get back to something like normal.

Pa’tridge prediction

It looks like a red-hot bird season, and in more ways than one. With temperatures in the high 70s, walking for miles through the thick brush where gamebirds live becomes more like work than recreation.

At least there are lots of pa’tridge around and hunting should steadily improve as nights become cooler and leaves fall from the trees.

Finger-lickin’ good

I finally broke down and bought a rack of barbecue ribs from Weaver’s Variety in Waldo. Matt makes these, along with baked beans and biscuits, on Fridays. The ribs were truly, finger-lickin’ good. Besides that, one rack took me four days to finish, a good value for the money.

After the fall

I’m still getting calls to host foraging trips, but unfortunately, killing frosts have put an end to wild edibles. A few medicinal plants linger, but even these are far and few between. Wild mushrooms, a fall treat, are not in evidence either, thanks to the drought. Next spring will bring new life to all our favorite plants but for now, foraging is done for the season.

Finally, my new position as pastor of Frankfort Congregational Church is going well. I’m enjoying my time there immensely and hope to move closer to Frankfort as soon as I can sell my home in Waldo.

By the way, the Frankfort church hosts wicked-good turkey suppers. These, of course, are now strictly takeout. The next and final one of the year will be held in the church parking lot on Oct. 31, from 4:30 p.m. until food is gone.

Weekly quote

“In October dung your field and the land it’s wealth shall yield.” – Old English saying