Oct. 5, 1849

Close of the Fair.—On Wednesday evening there was a pleasant gathering at the Court house, as the finale to the fair. The evening was most agreeable spent in dancing, in the town hall, which had been prepared for the occasion, while in the room above the B. B. Band contributed from time to the pleasantness of the occasion, some excellent music. At a proper hour the large party broke up, highly pleased with the evening’s entertainment. This was a very appropriate conclusion of our two days fȇte, and its projectors are entitled to much credit for getting it up.

Oct. 4, 1883

Last week 7,000 pairs of uppers were sent from the cutting room to the stitching room of the Belfast shoe factory. This is said to be the best week’s work ever turned out from the cutting room.

The Belfast post office, on Monday, sold 2600 two cent stamps, the largest sale ever made in one day. The office has not yet received the new stamp, the department sending the old design in order to work off the surplus stock on hand. The new stamp is said to be the handsomest ever issued by the government.

Oct. 1, 1896

State Constable Mears made a search and seizure at Bicknell & Cottrell’s saloon on Church street Tuesday. When he arrived he found the doors closed against him, but forced an entrance and seized 1 keg full of beer, 1 keg partly full of beer, 33 bottles of lager, a bottle of rum and a bottle of whisky. The proprietors were arraigned in the Police Court in the afternoon. They waived examination and gave bail for appearance at the October term of S. J. Court. The liquors were libeled, and the hearing is to be held Oct. 9th.

Oct. 6, 1921

October 8th will be a red letter day on the calendar of all the ex-service men of Waldo county. The Frank D. Hazeltine Post of the American Legion is making arrangements to have the biggest get-together of ex-service men that there has ever been since the termination of the war.

Inasmuch as the bridge is to be dedicated to the boys of Waldo county who died in the recent war, it is fitting that all the ex-service men in the vicinity should be present on this occasion.

The Post has extended invitations to all the Legion Posts in the eastern part of Maine, and it is expected that delegations from these Posts will be present on that day.

Oct. 3, 1940

Openings Available in U. S. Army Service

Wilbur L. Cuzner of Belfast has recently enlisted in the Finance Department of the United States Army. Like Mr. Cuzner other unmarried young men between 18 and 35 may choose the kind of work they wish to do—either along the lines in which they have had experience, or in a different field, by enlisting in the Army now. The Army conducts first class schools for men interested in promotion. The training is equally valuable in the Army or later in civilian life.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.