Columnist's note: This was written before The New York Times exposed President Trump with tax revelations that he paid little to no federal taxes in the last two decades, that most of his businesses lose money, and that he spent $70,000 to coif his hair one year and wrote it off as a business expense. Is he master businessman or master manipulator and conman? This is a bigger question than what the column below addresses ― which is that Trump insults the intelligence of his supporters and sends third grade rhetoric that uses lots of CAPS.

Dear Donald:

Over the past several months I have enjoyed your personal emails to me, collecting them so grandchildren will know what a Patriot you thought I was.

On Sept. 6, you invited me to donate ANY AMOUNT to win a trip to the debate as your VIP guest, promising you would “DESTROY Joe Biden” saying; “Here’s the truth: I am tough on crime, Joe Hidin’ Biden is soft on crime…I cannot wait to expose him for the WEAK, ANTIFA-loving Radical Democrat he is at the Presidential Debate.” My question: “What kind of man writes such drivel?”

You followed a couple of hours later offering code TRUMP30 to get 30% off my favorite Trump 2020 gear. Most candidates give swag, you sell yours for profit; how cool is that. An hour later you told me “Sleepy Joe” FINALLY came out of his basement only to disappoint the American people again” and for the next hour my contribution would be matched 700%. That must have lit a fire with your supporters.

Next day five more: “The Left HATES” me, and then your son Eric shared he was “really disappointed” I hadn’t reached into my pocket to help his dad reach “End-of-Month Goals.”

In the next week you and your team (Mike, Eric, Don Jr., Ivanka) wrote about 50 times. Sometimes bragging how you are the best at doing something, consistent throughout all asked for money. I could get a “hand-signed” hat. You shared how awful Democrats are because they want to defund police, and next the military to “appease their radical base”; then you asked me for money ― excited about an 800% match ― who matches these donations? Is it you or some phantom “Patriot”? By the way, when are you going to share your taxes as promised in 2016?

The emails continued pouring in; some said “confidential” ― because you recognize me as a “REAL PATRIOT,” I promise not so share details from those.

Then one about being nominated for “NOBEL PEACE PRIZE”; weren’t Hitler and Mussolini also nominated? That’s the prize Obama WON, right? Anybody can be nominated, but what the heck, congrats. Asking for a donation is “par for the course” ― I’m getting ahead of myself; your offer to play golf wouldn’t arrive for another couple of weeks when, for a donation, the chance to play with you ― email said you’re a really good golfer, but the best President in history.

I was also first to be offered a personalized TRUMP-PENCE 2020 YARD SIGN (with a minimum $45 contribution).

You exposed the “lying media”; as one of your most exclusive supporters you invited me into “Trump 100 Club.” For a minimum donation of $30 you’d send “PRIORITY-ACCESS FOR: FRIEND” and an offer to “claim a set of beautiful Trump Wine Glasses.”

You “whined” about Crooked Hillary and Phony Kamala holding a fundraiser. I’m sure your fundraisers have bigger crowds than those “HOLLYWOOD ELITES.”

Donald, why do you CAPITALIZE so much; do you think I am stupid and can’t read regular sized words? I know you love me because the next hour you offered a “personalized official ICONIC photo of you” that was signed if I contributed $75 IMMEDIATELY ― there’re those CAPS again. Maybe it’s your enthusiasm shining through….

You then ranted about Bloomberg (the real billionaire from New York who was pummeled in the primaries by Joe) and the $100 million he was spending to beat you in Florida. Next you shared about Biden being caught on a teleprompter (was he) even though questions were “softballs.”

You wanted me to enter, with a donation, to win a chance to come to the nation’s capital to discuss debate strategy with you ― Donald, are you sure you want me?

Then you wrote Nancy Pelosi wants to pick on you again with another “impeachment WITCH HUNT” and “Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Radical Left are coming for our freedom of speech”; how do you describe radical? I thought Joe was “sleepy” and Kamala “phony,” so you’ve confused this “Patriot FRIEND.”

Another terrific offer: For $75, a “hand-signed” copy of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ new book. How much for one “foot-signed” instead?

Then “FILL THAT SEAT” with 800% match for an hour. I bet that ignited a lot of Patriots. A couple emails later, for $30 I could buy a “FILL THAT SEAT” T-shirt; I hope those donating to the 800% match weren’t fired up about not getting a shirt.

I struggle with the dichotomy of being “one of your strongest supporters” to warnings that if I don’t give soon, the liberal mob (who hate me) will laugh at me.

Maybe a contribution should be made in “any amount” to get “automatically entered to win a trip to Bedminster, New Jersey,” an event you called “very important.” Maybe there’s a mask with my name waiting for me.


“The President is not only the leader of a party, he’s the President of the whole people. He must interpret the conscience of America. He must guide his conduct by the idealism of our people.” ― Herbert Hoover, 31st U.S. President (1874-1964)

Reade Brower is the owner of these newspapers.