Hello All,

After the rain and wild winds and no power, we are back. We needed the rain and look forward to more. A trip to Belfast windy and cool, and my sis Marilyn and I enjoyed a lobster. I had some steamed clams, too. We went to Young's by the ocean. Both were yummy.


I received word that Steve Spaulding, 55 years, husband of Kristina Spaulding, passed away on Monday. Thinking of her and his family. May he RIP. On Saturday, Oct. 10, at 1 p.m. there will be a celebration of life for him at their home in Knox. To contact her for info, call 382-7913. Thanks to Dee Pease for calling me.

Building fire

Pete Gray lost a tractor and a building that housed his farm equipment. Sorry to Pete for his loss at this time. It is hard for any farmer to lose much-needed haying equipment.

Gymnatics love

Yes, Shannon Cunningham-Grant worked at Bank of America for 20 years and retired to bring about gymnastics, according to her Facebook post I read. She has the XGTC, X-Treme Gymnastics and Tumbling Center. Daughter Mylee is a gymnastics wonder, as I see it. She moved from Unity to Palmyra. They recently held their banquet. She posted a video of the teams' pictures, etc. Congrats to her for doing what she most assuredly loves doing. Gymnastics forever. Congrats on the new season and, whatever obstacles there may be, may you have a fantastic year ahead.

Belated birthday

A very happy belated 90th birthday to Ethel Tibbetts at Leisure Homes.


Happy birthday to Grandson Kayden Doughty who celebrated his birthday Oct. 2! Happy birthday Oct. 8 to Jayden Nickerson!


The squash, cabbages, onions, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, etc., are still available many places, including the Common Sense Farm Stand in Unity at the Amish building. They have frozen meat as well. Curra's Stand will be open just these two more weeks until Columbus Day. There are apples available at Muellers as well for apple crisp and pies.

Until next week,

Hope you all have a nice week. Enjoy the fresh veggies and apples. Stay safe, avoid that COVID.