A sizable crowd came to witness grown men racing souped-up lawn mowers, with names such as the General Lee, Barracuda, Gray Ghost and Mow-ron, at Thresher’s Brewery parking lot Oct. 3.

It was a picture-perfect day on which to enjoy the excitement of mower races, and perhaps a pint or two, with a hint of fall in the air and plenty of sun to go around.

For those who have never seen lawn mower races, most machines are heavily modified, popping wheelies and throwing dirt — not your regular run-of-the-mill John Deere lawn tractor.

“That guy is fast,” one spectator remarked. “That’s the fastest lawn mower I’ve ever seen,” another commented.

It was the last meet-up of the Thunder Valley lawn mower racers at the brewery in the Come Spring business park, but as one of the organizers put it, “We’ll be racing on Norton Pond once it gets frozen.”