Drought goes from moderate to severe

The Maine Drought Task Force has upgraded (or downgraded, depending upon how you view it) the drought from moderate to severe for our region.

The much-anticipated rain that the weather forecasters happily touted did not materialize and now ponds, streams and wells are becoming lower by the day.

Hopefully, by the time this column appears in print, we will have had some significant rain. At least that’s what “they” are saying. Let us hope they are correct.

Dust bowls

Area dirt roads are now dust bowls. Even vehicles that drive at moderate speeds kick up huge clouds of dust. Even worse, in the case of East Waldo Road, the “washboard effect” has become pronounced. No matter the speed, driving down the road shakes vehicles to the point where things come loose. The only hope for this is for one, final grading. Barring that, snow and ice will, hopefully, fill in the grooves.

Pa’tridge prediction

Up until now, it’s been too hot to go bird hunting. The game is there, though, and with the advent of cooler weather, hunters should see productive days afield.

Happy holiday

It’s doubtful that you will see this greeting anywhere else but in this column, but all the same, let me wish everyone a happy Columbus Day.

I am just old enough to remember Columbus Day being a much-loved holiday. Some traditionalists, such as myself, still consider it an important day.

If anyone has not read Columbus’s diary, I would urge them to do so. The voyage was epic in so many ways, including, on the night before land was sighted, a UFO encounter. It’s all part of America’s history.

Weekly quote

“Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.” ― Robert Frost