Independent Max Linn argues that front-runners for U.S. Senate Susan Collins and Sara Gideon represent the establishment and big corporate interests, but sees himself as a potentially powerful voice in American politics.

Linn, who has run before as a Republican in 2018, is in many ways a conservative. He supports Donald Trump for president, argues a five-year moratorium is needed on all immigration, and says he is 100% behind police and the second amendment.

He also argues that Washington, D.C. is too tied to big corporate interests and the biggest corporations should be broken up to reduce their power in politics. He strongly opposes bailouts of large corporations. He also supports term limits.

He said his background as a financial planner makes him the voice of fiscal responsibility and makes him better qualified for the job than not only the other candidates but most Senators and Representatives.

On the issue of the pandemic, he argues against the government shutting down businesses and collapsing the economy to prevent spread of the illness.

He argues this is not a communist nation, and that governors have taken on more power than they have in shutting things down.

“We’re wiping out small businesses,” he said. “…One size doesn’t fit all.”

He said he would not defund police and if anything, they need more funding.

“The police are what separate civil society from the jungle,” he said. “…I’ll tell you what the jungle is; the jungle is what we see in our inner cities right now, of mayhem, burning, killing, shooting police. That’s the jungle.”

He said he supports training for police, but only if it comes from within departments.

“I want my police tough and mean when they need to be and soft and gentle when they need to be.”

At least twice during the interview, he said: “America first.”

On the issue of education, he supports student loan forgiveness. He also advocates for getting government out of school systems, saying students are being brainwashed, and called for school choice and homeschooling options.

He said he supports a $5,000 direct bailout for Maine residents, while he opposes government bailouts of large corporations.

On the issue of the environment, he strongly opposes the CMP corridor, arguing it is a lot of clear-cutting that will not benefit Maine, but instead provide profits for Canada and Spain and cheap power for Boston.

On the issue of abortion, he noted that while he is a Christian, personally opposed to abortion, he would not legislate against it. He added he favors separation of church and state.

Linn said he is a strong supporter of the second amendment and even calls for tax deductions and tax credits for those who buy guns and take safety classes.

He added that his opponents are spenders and socialists, heading for a Marxist regime.

“I think Americans should be well armed,” he said. “Stuff’s coming down. Turn on the news, Dan. You see it as well as I do. Look what’s happening in our inner cities. That’s not going to stop; we have a very fiery election coming up. Whether Trump wins or Biden wins, there’s going to be a lot of pissed off people. You’ve gotta defend yourself, my goodness!”

He said it has never been more important to own a gun, “and a lot of them with a lot of ammunition.”

He supports the Trump administration in fighting a trade war with China.

Linn said he opposes continuing the war in Afghanistan. He said he wants to bring all the troops back.

“Only people we’re keeping out are the immigrants.”

He said the nation has an illegal immigration crisis, adding he wants to register and document all illegal aliens and have them pay into the system.

He proposed a five-year moratorium on all immigration.

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