Buying a used car can be a bit of a guessing game. Are you getting a cream puff or a lemon? Unless you're a mechanic or know a lot about cars, it's hard to be sure. A new dealership that has opened at the former Perry's Store location hopes to take the uncertainty out of buying a used vehicle.

Manager Dave Littlefield said Maniac Auto Sales, which opened Oct. 1 at 309 U.S. Route 1, gets its cars from auctions of former leased vehicles. Most are model year 2012 or later, with a few older vehicles in very good condition.

Littlefield said owner Nathan Noles started Farmington Tire Center, which also sells used cars and trucks, in 2001 and wanted to expand his business to the coast. Littlefield was working at the Farmington dealership, but is originally from the Midcoast and wanted to return to the area. When the opportunity to buy the Perry's property came up, Noles took it, paying $90,000 for the site, according to real estate website

Littlefield noted that there is a big demand for used vehicles in this part of the state, as evidenced by the growth of communities like Belfast and Bucksport. "You go where the growth is."

Maniac, which also sells lifted trucks, specializes in offering on-site financing to all buyers, regardless of their credit history, he said. The dealership has relationships with many local banks and credit unions, and can shop a loan around to get the best deal for its customers.

There about 20 used vehicles on the lot, Littlefield said, and the dealership has made two sales since its opening. He said he and Noles think "everyone deserves a good car."