Happy birthday to Joyce Scott on Oct. 16. Hoping you have a great day!

Fire Department news

The Volunteer Fire Department responded during the windstorm a week ago for branches and lines down. Remember, never go near a downed line even if you think it is not live. Around midnight Tuesday, Oct. 7, the department was called upon to cover the Belfast Fire Station while that department responded to an accident in which a vehicle crashed into Swan Lake Grocery. The vehicle caught fire and spread to the store itself. The driver died at the scene. Coverage at the Belfast station consisted of a pumper and tanker 35 along with crews to man them.

It is time to change the batteries and clean your smoke detectors that are hardwired (direct) still have battery back-up so please do not overlook. If you need more information on placing or cleaning your smoke detectors, please contact a department member.

Have you heard of EDITH? it's not your cousin or a neighbor. It stands for Exit Drill In The Home, a safety program where you and your family actually practice getting out of your home should have a fire. Practice as if your home was smoke filled and visibility poor. Get low, crawl to the door and GET OUT. Smoke rises and it most often is smoke that causes fatalities in fires.

Teach your children various ways to get out and to do it quickly. Make a game of safety, practicing various routes and obstacles such as darkness. As soon as your family escapes, you should have a pre-planned meeting place. It might be by the mailbox, or a big tree on the lawn or just plain out front a distance from from the house. Practice meeting there, too. Let the firefighters know as soon as they arrive if all are or are not accounted for. Never go back in!

We continue to look for more volunteers; please call Chief Scribner, 342-2129 if interested. Volunteers are still needed for maintenance projects. If you have a few hours, we need some sheet rock taping/sanding, possibly some shelves made some small painting projects, cleaning, etc. Call Jethro at 342-5910 for more information.

Be warm, be safe.


My deepest sympathy goes out to the Bowden and Brown families for the loss of Tina and Richard Bowden. My heart aches deeply for your loss. We are all thinking of you all.

You all have a really great week and an awesome weekend. Love to hear from you with any news you have.

Quote of the week

Every day is different, and some days are better than others, but no matter how challenging the day, I get up and live it. — Muhammad Ali