Did you see the list of items in last week's Republican Journal that have turned in to the Belfast Police Department? If you think any of those items may be yours, please go to the Belfast Police Department to identify and claim them.

Papa Dixon visited with Dustin one day recently. They had their usual laughs and snacks.

I am again sending kudos to the Montville Fire Chief and his crew for their outstanding response to the downed trees, accidents and other calls during and after that windstorm. The amount of time spent responding to various calls and just simply checking on residents is absolutely amazing.

I had a great telephone visit with Thressa Abbott one evening recently. We can always find things to laugh about and behave like teenagers.

I will be stopping by Geneva Ard's when I go to Troy later, and purchase some pumpkins, if she hasn't sold them all. A great way for her to earn some money and, hopefully, also learn to put some in her savings account. Another good lesson for her.

Time to think about cleaning cemetery lots and putting on the winter decorations. I have all ready started on preparing the various containers that I fill and the ice fishing traps that I decorate for Austin's stone.

A reminder that Thorndike's real estate taxes are due next week, on Oct. 22.

Have a great week and do something nice for someone.

James Baldwin is quoted as saying, "People pay for what they do, and still more for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it very simply; by the lives they lead."