Sorry I missed last week; I've been spending many hours doing research and it was a slow news week.

Just in time for the heating season my oil furnace crapped out. It's not fixable. The new one has been delivered and will be hooked up soon. In the meantime I've been running electric heaters. I can't wait to see the CMP bill next month!

The boat launch at Kanokolus is coming out of the water this week. It's already on mostly dry land now as the water is extremely low. I imagine by now most of the summer people have removed their boats. Last year we waited a tad too long and we had a cold snap so we had to scramble before it got iced in. The UFD Association brought in the swimming dock for us this year.

Melanie Cole is working diligently to secure enough funds to display 2,977 flags for the 20th anniversary of 9/11 next year. Please reach out to her if you'd like to make a donation.

The windstorm last week knocked down several trees. Many thanks to Unity Fire Department for making the roads passable, and thank you to Tim Parker Jr. for doing a lot of the cleanup. I lost a 50-foot spruce, but my gargantuan maple held strong.

The Market of Unity officially ended for the season on Oct. 10. Although not as many vendors as in years past, the food and bakery purveyors seemed to do well. My sister-in-law Lucia started making bagels for the market which were super popular. Being a big fan of babushka dolls, she has appropriately named them "Babushka's Bagels." If you're a fan of Serena Ard's bread, I'm sure she will make you some if you contact her.

From Oct. 8 forward, Unity Kitchen will be open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and 11 a.m.-7 p.m. on Sundays. For now they will have their usual menu, hoping to slowly add dinners back on Sunday! FMI: They also have local produce and an assortment of wines.

Turner & Sons Snow Removal still has some open spots for driveways this year. Don't hesitate to call them for a free quote: 570-0169.

As you know I'm all about our cemeteries. I joined The Maine Old Cemetery Association Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, and wouldn't you know it, someone was inquiring about his 3x, 4x, 5x great-grandparents buried in the Village Cemetery on School Street and the Center Cemetery in Thorndike. Ichabod Hunt Jr. died in 1822 and I had just cleaned his stone a couple of weeks prior. In a related story, another person posted about the same relatives and two seventh cousins found each other.

Have you seen the big pirate ship on Main Street?